Fanmade, open source Doom 64 port for Dreamcast now available to download


We’ve all heard about Doom and how it can be made to run on just about everything (Including Dreamcast), but now it’s Doom 64’s turn for a Dreamcast port, thanks to fan developer JNMartin (@falco_girgis on Twitter). JNMartin has been working hard on a new port of quasi-sequel Doom 64, originally released for the Nintendo 64 in 1997. He continues to work on it now, with the above video being his latest progress showcase as of this writing. The port is now available and open sourced, so anyone is free to help develop the port as well as download and try it for themselves.

The game isn’t totally complete yet, with many assets missing, such as the HUD and certain enemies and sounds, but being able to run the game at all on Dreamcast is an incredible feat already. It even runs at a smooth and stable framerate. It shows that developers who love the Dreamcast are capable of doing amazing things with the hardware to this day.

Dare to journey past the break for a link to the latest build and instructions on how to play.

All-In-One Sega FPGA console “SuperSega” in development; shows world’s first Dreamcast FPGA footage

There’s been talk lately of an all-in-one Sega FPGA console in the works called the SuperSega. Lots of people are excited by the reveal of this indie project, while others are skeptical about its chances of fulfilling its promises or even coming out at all. We’ve waited a bit for more concrete info about the SuperSega before reporting, so now we’re ready to talk about it at last.

The SuperSega is an FPGA console currently in development that can play games from every single console Sega has ever released (Except the Game Gear, for some reason, at least for now). We’re talking about SG-1000, Mark III, Master System, Genesis/Mega-Drive, Sega CD, 32X, Saturn, and Dreamcast games. Currently, the only Sega FPGA console ever released commercially was Analogue’s now decommissioned Mega SG, which was designed to play Genesis games, as well as SG-1000, Mark III, Master System, and Game Gear games via separately available cartridge adaptors. The SuperSega, on the other hand, only needs an original 32X unit for 32X cartridges. It has built-in cartridge slots and a disc drive for everything else. 

It sounds impressive so far, but as of this writing, no hardware prototype has yet been produced. Work has been done on the software, and a hardware prototype is planned to be produced this September. The SuperSega team has put together test videos, including one of Dreamcast games running on their targeted hardware. At least this way, we know it’s unlikely to be fake. Stop in past the break to see these videos and to learn more.

Lost in Time No More: SEGA’s Canceled Dreamcast MMO “Far Nation” Leaks Footage Online

Back in the day, the SEGA Dreamcast had quite the list of unreleased games, one of which was “Far Nation.” Briefly announced in 2000, Far Nation was planned to be one of the first console MMORPGs alongside Phantasy Star Online. Details about Far Nation have been scarce for over two decades. Sega only mentioned the title a handful of times before its quiet cancellation in 2001. No screenshots or gameplay details were ever officially revealed.

But now, thanks to Reddit user fuperslizzle0, we might be getting a glimpse of the game. In a post yesterday, they said:

“I’m not going to get too verbose or overbearing with this, other than to say the footage shown here is from a legit disc belonging to a friend of mine who worked at Sega during the time Farnation was in development. We sat down and “played” (or really, experimented with) the game for about 35 minutes, all of which I recorded, and these clips are all we’re prepared to share for now.

Please enjoy, and rest assured, more is coming! ;)”

Homebrew Games Summer Showcase 2024 showcases 120 new homebrew games, including many for Sega consoles

Yesterday, on June 6th, 2024, NES Homebrew developer extraordinaire Matt Hughson aired the second ever Homebrew Games Summer Showcase video presentation. The 34 minute long presentation showcased a whooping 120 games across many retro game systems, most notably including many Genesis/Mega-Drive, Master System, and Game Gear games, as well as even one Saturn game and two Dreamcast games. You can also expect many games for NES, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, and SNES, as well as two Turbografx-16 games and even a Virtual Boy game. This is one video you can’t miss if you’re really interested in seeing what talented developers are doing with long retired game hardware today.

You can watch the whole video above, but join me past the break for a quick list of all the games shown that are coming to Sega platforms, as well as links to follow their developers and/or download the games.

Sega Tetris online multiplayer restored through Dreamcast Live

Another Sega Dreamcast classic has just had its online multiplayer modes restored for Dreamcast Live, a new fanmade online connection service for Dreamcast. Sega Tetris (2000) is now back up and running online thanks to the efforts of one Shu, who has restored online features for many Dreamcast games already, including The Next Tetris: On-Line Edition (Also 2000), another Dreamcast Tetris game.

Unlike The Next Tetris, which only released in North America and Europe, Sega Tetris released only in Japan, both on Dreamcast and the NAOMI arcade system. Because of its reliance of Japanese reading comprehension, Dreamcast archivist PCWZRD13, who also made and uploaded the above video, had also taken the liberty of preparing a patch to translate the online multiplayer menus to English. Patched versions of Sega Tetris, as well as a few other Dreamcast Live compatible games, can be downloaded freely from Dreamcast Live’s downloads page.

Drop down past the break for more info on how to get started if you’re interested in trying this game out.

VGNYsoft preparing a new reissue of indie Dreamcast hit Sturmwind; Pre-orders open up May 15th, 2024

Remember the amazing indie Dreamcast shooter Sturmwind? Developed by Duranik and originally published by redspotgames in 2013, Strumwind was a fun and beautiful side-scrolling shmup that has long since gone out of print. Now, a new publisher, VGNYsoft, who is no stranger to publishing new Dreamcast games, has gotten a hold of Sturmwind and is about to release an all new print of the game with all new packaging.

Like redspotgames before them, VGNYsoft is preparing a collector’s edition as well as a much more plentiful standard edition. The special edition packages the game’s jewel case into a cardboard box and includes an all new Sturmwind branded VMU plastic shell, silicone pad, and black d-pad, perfect for anyone trying to refurbish an old VMU. Only 500 copies of the special edition will be available, so act fast if you want one. (VGNYsoft have also cheekily pointed out the fact that their game discs will be professionally pressed instead of burned onto a CD-R, which is a jab at Limited Run Games for a very recent controversy of theirs.)

If you missed out on Sturmwind during it’s original release or during one of its other reissues through different companies, then this is a good chance to get an affordable and brand spankin’ new copy of it today, or at least May 15th, 2024, when VGNYsoft opens pre-orders on their own new print. You can find pre-order links, as well as a video trailer, after the break.

SEGA Talk #129: Unreleased Dreamcast Games Pt. 2 (1999-2002)

We end our epic finally of ranking each unreleased Dreamcast games. This second part will cover big SEGA games like Shenmue III, Scud Racer, Toejam & Earl 3, and of course Propeller Arena. Check out the epic finale!

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SEGA Talk #128: Unreleased Dreamcast Games Part 1 (1998-2002)

SEGA Talk is covering every canceled Dreamcast game from years past, this is such a massive undertaking that we will be splitting it into two podcast. Sit back, buckle and let’s take a trip down the ‘what could have been’!

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Two new Dreamcast games from Nape Games: Reknum Souls Adventure and Ploid, now available from VGNY Soft

Here’s two more brand new Sega Dreamcast games for ya. Reknum Souls Adventures and Ploid, both originally made for NES by Nape Games, are now available for Dreamcast and up for pre-order in North America through VGNYSoft, a known publisher of physical indie games who also dabbles in Dreamcast games. Both games, like most other indie games on Dreamcast, are VGA compatible and region-free as well. Both can be had for $29.99 USD each.

Check in past the break for trailers and pre-order links.

SEGA Talk #124: Snail Maze & SEGA Swirl (1988 & 1999)

The long awaited SNAIL MAZE episode is now upon us! Not only that, you get SEGA Swirl for free as a bonus! We also talk about other free SEGA offerings. All this and more in SEGA Talk.

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Daytona USA 2001 online multiplayer restored thanks to Dreamcast Live

Another Dreamcast game has had it’s online multiplayer mode reinstated thanks to Dreamcast Live. Daytona USA 2001 (Known in North America as simply Daytona USA) is now back online through the Dreamcast Live service, thanks to the efforts of a new member of their team called Ioncannon. This makes Daytona USA the 25th Dreamcast game supported on Dreamcast Live. (26th if you count the all new game Driving Strikers, from my last article.) This is fantastic news for fans of the game, especially considering the game had a few unlockable cars only attainable by playing online.

Take a rolling start past the break for more info.

First brand new online Dreamcast game in 2 decades, Driving Strikers, now available for purchase

How’s this for an impressive new leap in Dreamcast indie game development? All new Dreamcast car soccer game (Think Rocket League, but played from an overhead camera perspective), Driving Strikers, is now finally available to purchase as both a physical game package and as a digital download from WAVE Game Studios. Built around the modern Dreamcast online infrastructure Dreamcast Live, which I have detailed in an earlier article, Driving Strikers can be played online through that service either with an original modem adaptor and DreamPi or an official Dreamcast broadband adapter. To celebrate the occasion, WAVE Game Studios is currently selling the game at a discounted price of £19.99 ($25.66 USD as of this writing). 

Some of you may even remember Driving Strikers as the one Dreamcast game from the recent Homebrew Games Summer Showcase. Looks like it made it in after all.

For more info, break in after the check.

First ever Homebrew Games Summer Showcase airing live this Thursday, June 29th; confirms games for Sega consoles

Live video showcases of new video games are all the rage now ever since Nintendo debuted their popular Nintendo Direct showcase over a decade ago. Many large companies are doing their own showcases now, including Sega with their new Sonic Central showcases. There are a few indie showcases as well, but this is gonna be one to watch for retro gaming enthusiasts, especially as it’s confirmed that some of the games showcased will be for Sega Genesis/Mega-Drive, Master System, and Dreamcast.

Make sure to sign up for a notification for the above video’s premiere, taking place this Thursday, June 29th 2023 at 12:30 PM PST. After the break though, you’ll see more information about the consoles confirmed to have games shown.

Japanese Only Dreamcast Game “Nakoruru: The Gift She Gave Me” Gets Fan Translated English Patch

The SEGA Dreamcast is a great console that received a lot of great games, some of these games only got a Japanese release. Thankfully, in the last few years we have had fans go back and translate the games themselves. Nakoruru: The Gift She Gave Me was released back in 2001 on Windows PC and a year later on Dreamcast. This game is an adventure game that’s actually a spin-off of Samurai Shodown from SNK, since Nakoruru is a selectable fighter from the franchise.

Even though the game alludes to you playing as Nakoruru in this game, it seems that isn’t the case. Here is an overview of the game from SNK Fandom Wiki:

“The player is a seven year old girl named Mikato, a villager in Kamui Kotan who looks up to Nakoruru. She watches and idolizes the priestess, trying to help her in anyway that she can. During the time of peace, she spends time acquainting herself with the residents and the beautiful yet sometimes unforgiving environment. Their serene lives are invaded by an evil force, making once tame animals into berserkers and allies into sudden foes.

The basic flow of the game uses traditional elements from the adventure game genre. Players select their answers and proceed along a path that hopefully gets to the good ending of the game. Along the way, they’ll also have to complete a variety of mini-games that test typing and reflexive skills.”

This translation was brought to us by Derek Pascarella who posted his English translated patch on Github. He also points out that there is a bonus disc for the game that features brand-new supplement to the full game including music and a 30-minute OVA with English subtitles.

SEGA Talk #120: The Ring: Terror’s Realm

On this SEGA Talk episode we pop in the VHS tape, take a job at the CDC and enter… The Matrix? Let’s take a look at the obscure SEGA Dreamcast game The Ring: Terror’s Realm!

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