Alien: Isolation leaks, Bioshock inspired first person shooter by Creative Assembly

Seems that today is all Alien: Isolation as a source by Kotaku spills the beans on the upcoming Creative Assembly Aliens shooter being called ‘Alien: Isolation‘. According to the source, the game is inspired by Bioshock and Dishonored. Also according to the source, SEGA is taking critical reception of Aliens: Colonial Marines seriously and are doing what they can to make Alien: Isolation a great game. Even though Isolation hasn’t been formally announced, it has already been met with delays. I assume this is why the game didn’t show up at Gamescom or other gaming events this year.

The source says that you play as Amanda Ripley, who is the daughter of Ellen Ripley. Amanda Ripley is mentioned in the Aliens special edition as having died while Ellen was frozen in space, so her character is part of the Alien universe. Besides this mention, she doesn’t appear in the Alien extended universe (yet).  Unlike Aliens: Colonial Marines, you won’t be taking down armies of Aliens in endless waves. The source says that you spend most of the time in the station and fight only one alien for “most” of the game.

Doesn’t mean there won’t be clones and other soldiers to shoot at though. Vents, lockers and melee weapons play a big role in Isolation. Keep in mind this information is six months old. Much of the game could have changed. Alien: Isolation is said to debut on both current and next generation consoles.


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  1. Knuckles Chaotix says:

    Will this be current gen or next gen? Or both?

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