Classic SEGA Ads: Did you know SEGA Master System is the best thing ever?

Watching Master System commercials from places like the UK and Australia sometimes feels like watching something from an alternate dimension, one where the NES didn’t obliterate its competition and establish an unbreakable monopoly on the 8-bit gaming market. That’s because despite the NES’s utter dominance of the US and Japanese gaming markets, Nintendo failed to establish much of a foothold in Europe or Brazil, where SEGA dominated. Thus, we have ads like this, that act like the Master System was on top of the world. Mostly because it was…in Australia anyway.

The ad itself is pretty typical for its time, lacking the flare and attitude that would eventually become characteristic of SEGA’s marketing in the nineties. It does give us a nice window into the Australia’s 1980s games market. The After Burner music in the second half is a nice touch, too.

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9 responses to “Classic SEGA Ads: Did you know SEGA Master System is the best thing ever?

  1. Liam Ashcroft says:

    And did you know that SEGA is not pronounced SEEGA? 😛

    I believe that After Burner arrangement’s on the OST boxset too, one of the S.S.T. Arranges.

  2. Centrale says:

    That’s an Australian ad! The Master System did pretty well in Oz, too, partly because Sega released a couple of its predecessor computers there, like the SC-3000.

  3. BlueSky says:

    DID YOU KNOW….that the Narrator speaks Australian? 😛

  4. Alex Peal says:

    Sorry, the source said UK. XD Anyway, I fixed it.

  5. crackdude says:


  6. Slice says:

    Nice ad!

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