Phantasy Star Online 2 Es starts open beta on Android

Phantasy Star Online 2 might be well and out in Japan on PC and Vita, but their mini-version of the game called ‘Phantasy Star Online 2 Es‘ has met many delays. But don’t worry, the mobile version of the game has now hit open beta in Japan, at least on Android with a iOS version coming in the near future.

You can download here!

The mobile version is unique in the way it lets you connect to the Vita/PC version to download you character data and takes place at the same time as the story in full Phantasy Star online 2 and some items and experience you gain in the mobile version transfers back.


Above we have cards, which look like those game breaking mobile card games that everyone hates. Don’t panic, these things are called “Chips”, which you can bring into battles and are used to easily access weapons or healing items. How to get chip cards? Of course you’ll get them in battles, in scratch cards and if you synthesize cards together to get stronger ones. Some cards have conditions to them, like using ‘chip points’ to activate.

The mobile game also introduces a ‘energy system’, which you fill up waiting a period of time. The idea is you can’t just play all day on the mobile, each time you do a quest it will cost you a certain amount of energy. You can get items to fill up the energy bar faster or just wait it out.

If you join the open beta now you will get a new sword for 2 new characters created in the online app and one of your imported characters. The sword is called ‘Harisen’ and if you link accounts you will get even more goodies.



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  1. Incompatible with my device! Just like Line Sonic Dash S. I’m new to android, but I know it’s a region thing. I read about Psiphon since I don’t want to root my phone. Anyone knew how I could go about getting access to at least this pso version?

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