Ecco the Dolphin Fixed and Enhanced Edition for PC now available to play


Ecco the Dolphin fan site Caverns of Hope have been hard at work on a fixed and enhanced version of Ecco the Dolphin for Windows PC. The original game, which was released for Windows 95, had become harder and harder to play thanks to the inevitable new versions of Windows over the years. You might say “well I can always emulate the SEGA CD or Genesis version of the game”, but then you’d be missing out on the many enhancements found in the PC version. Ecco the Dolphin for Windows PC features redrawn high resolution graphics, the CD Audio soundtrack from the MegaCD/SegaCD versions, the 3D rendered videos from Tides of Time, a save/restore system removing the need to use Passwords, a new difficulty system and translations to several languages.

Now, thanks to the efforts of Caverns of Hope, the game is playable to all! As described on their site: “…our good friend and former COH Admin Korama (Sebastian) returned and not only fixed the game to make it playable on all modern Windows versions. He also added many enhancements that improve the overall experience with Ecco PC a lot!”

Here’s a list of all improvements of Korama’s Ecco PC Fixed Version:

  • The fix is performed by a GUI launcher makes all changes easy to use
  • Game runs on Windows Vista, 7 and 8/8.1 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
  • Fixes all Region releases, all graphic modes, save/restore functions
  • All information is now saved and received inside one base folder, this makes the game now fully portable!
  • music playback from Audio files on your Hard Drive (MP3, WAV and others)
  • Custom Soundtracks by assigning audio tracks via stage list menu
  • full range of sound effects – the original release had only 10
  • smoother Palette cycling effects, making ocean wave ripples animate smoother, as well as full palette changes when diving through different depth zones

What are you waiting for? Dive in and enjoy the game today!


8 responses to “Ecco the Dolphin Fixed and Enhanced Edition for PC now available to play

  1. Speedster says:

    I never even knew there was a pc port of this game I might check this out.

  2. Skateboard says:

    Well done!!!

  3. cube_b3 says:

    I’ve never played Ecco I suppose now is the time to finally experience the legacy.

  4. Kaze says:

    Totally awesome!!!

  5. Sonicfire says:

    How can we get this game? the link does not work? 🙁

  6. OneTinSoldier66 says:


    Thank you for supplying that link.


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