Watch Persona Q’s opening online before you play the game

Persona series has had a lot of cool and artistic openings for their games and Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth is no different. Check out the opening for the 3DS game above.

Want to know what the lyrics are so you can sing along? No problem, hit the jump. Persona Q will be coming West this fall only on the Nintendo 3DS.


Ain’t it great how we met each other

on this wild and crazy carousel of life

Ain’t it cool how we changed [the hassles?] of life

set us off on a new adventure!


This carousel takes us round and round

this lovely [rinse?] of life

you can’t tell up from down

having so much

[people check when this Christmas painting unn!]

but hey, here we come!

This carousel

spins us ’round so much

sometimes you don’t know [shoes?]

[his tail or yellow?]

it’s only just begun

welcome to this [white mace?] of life.


2 responses to “Watch Persona Q’s opening online before you play the game

  1. matty says:

    “welcome to this [white mace?] of life.”
    story of my life

  2. TimmiT says:

    Oh gosh yes I love this.

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