Alien: Isolation’s creative lead states that his game is not Colonial Marines

IGN has conducted an interview with Al Hope, creative lead developer for the upcoming Alien: Isolation.

In it, he specifies a number of different things, many of which should make Alien fans quite happy. His team, he says, from the start set out to create a different Alien game than Colonial Marines was: a true horror experience, something completely unlike the shooter-focused direction its predecessor took on.

Isolation, which according to Hope has been in development for the past four years, has always aimed to take the series back to its roots; the first movie, in particular, where the horror, not the action, took center stage.

“It would be awesome to show Ridley Scott what we’re doing,” Hope said. “I’d like to think he’d really appreciate the care and attention and level of detail we’ve put into re-creating his original vision and original universe and I think he’d appreciate it.”

Alien: Isolation hits stores this November.


One response to “Alien: Isolation’s creative lead states that his game is not Colonial Marines

  1. RegalSIn says:

    The only reason I am looking forward to this game is the Ash-bots.

    “Live-A-Live” did an Alien mini-venture. Basically FF ( that famous purple horned beast that is not from pokemon ).

    “FFantasyVIII” had a mini-game ( avoid the Aliens ).

    “Dark Prince” ( A Shin-Mega-ten spin-off ) was basically Alien itself. Big enviorments; with people. Mostly comic adventure ( as all Shin games are ). When you see that thing.

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