SEGA in the Charts: Alien: Isolation debuts in 2nd behind FIFA 15 in the UK

How about some good news for a Monday? Via VGChartz and SEGAbits forum member Nirmugen comes news that Alien: Isolation launched in the second position on the UK charts, behind FIFA 15 which remains the best-selling game in the UK for three weeks running. Given soccer’s football’s appeal in the UK, it’s quite impressive that a SEGA title managed to chart so highly – especially after speculation that Aliens: Colonial Marines may have tainted the public’s interest in the Alien franchise. However, it should be noted that despite the quality of Aliens: Colonial Marines [watch and/or read our review], the game still managed to surge back into the charts as early as January 2014.


3 responses to “SEGA in the Charts: Alien: Isolation debuts in 2nd behind FIFA 15 in the UK

  1. Fernandeath says:

    Not bad… I mean, Fifa 15 is a hard one to beat.
    Let’s hope the game sells at least a million copies (including all versoins).

  2. Hitrax says:

    The Fifa titles, which are released on a yearly basis, always do exceptionally very well in the British countries of the UK, Football is a pretty big part of the culture of the UK. I’ve been hearing that the Aliens: Isolation isn’t particularly very good, or at least another disappointment, either way yes it’s an excellent sign if it gets that close to a Fifa sales wise.

  3. InTheSky says:

    Ehh…Vgchartz is not the most reliable source, but in time we’ll find out this title did well

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