SEGA localizing Phantasy Star Nova and Shining Resonance in Chinese

SEGA has just announced that they will be localizing both Phantasy Star Nova and Shining Resonance in Traditional Chinese. Isn’t that something? I know a few continents that would really enjoy English releases of those two games. Shoot, I think Phantasy Star Nova would do great on the Playstation Vita right now considering they don’t have much original games to play.

I guess the only two options to play these two games is either to learn either Japanese or Chinese.


7 responses to “SEGA localizing Phantasy Star Nova and Shining Resonance in Chinese

  1. pso2love says:

    Why SEGA, WHY?!

  2. Monty says:

    What is Sega’s problem?! Cut it out!

  3. Clark says:

    I read “Sega Localizing” and was so freaking excited. Only to have my hopes crushed by the rest of the sentence. Screw you Sega of America.

  4. Skateboard says:

    Next: english. My hope is up for at least Phantasy Star Nova.

  5. RegalSIn says:

    SEGA = scraping the salt from the desert.

  6. matty says:

    My heart started racing when I read the first half of the headline.
    The second part of the headline, not so much.

    The more things change, the more things stay the same

  7. Siquall says:

    I don’t get it. Why sega localize something in china but nor for europeans/Us ?

    They only need to do a english translation, and that’s all…they don’t even need to do retail, they can let the game on the online store, it should be good for them no ?

    Sega america, i hope you will improve and localiza your games.
    Take exemple on Nippon Ichi, Namco, Atlus, Square-enix, Vanillaware, Capcom and tons of others.

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