Phantasy Star Nova demo will allow 4-Player Co-Op

Phantasy StarNova4Players
We teased you in July about Phantasy Star Nova getting a demo on the Japanese PSN Store and now we get news that the game will allow 4-player co-op via local wireless connection.

Sadly though SEGA says this demo release will not showcase its character creation aspect or even story progression. I guess they want us to wait till the full game.

For those waiting on the full version of this title it will be coming out in Japan this November. The demo hits the Japanese PSN story on August 12th. We will most likely post some hands on impressions when it does hit. No release date announced outside of Japan (sorry 🙁 ).


3 responses to “Phantasy Star Nova demo will allow 4-Player Co-Op

  1. Tommy says:

    How import friendly is PSO Nova going to be? Am I going to be able to play it online outside of Japan i.ex.?

    • InTheSky says:

      Aren’t people able to play online games with others outside of Japan? Maybe you need a Japanese PSN account or something?

  2. InTheSky says:

    I would be so much more likely to get a Vita (or ~Playstation TV~) if this got localized. Almost certainly.


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