Hero Bank 2 Teaser Video Released

Sega uploaded their new teaser video for Hero Bank 2 to their Youtube channel recently. Following up on SEGAbits’ earlier report on the game, Hero Bank 2 promises tag-team 2v2 battles and a plot that takes players around the entirety of Japan. Raising the stakes further still, Kaito fights this time against the Seven Lucky Gods Group and is saddled with a debt of…one trillion yen!

First-print buyers will receive a special Hero Suit to be equipped in-game along with a card for the Hero Bank Arcade game, which is a 3v3 card battle game. This short promotional trailer will give you a quick peek at the Hero Bank arcade game for those who are curious. Hero Bank 2 will be released in Japan on November 27 for the price of ¥5,139.

Credit to this AnimeNewsNetwork article.


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