SEGA makes sandcastle arcade game using real sand

Making arcade games means you have to think of new ideas to attract consumers walking by. This time, SEGA is making a real sandcastle building arcade game that uses sand that resembles dirt mixed with some Play-Dough, along with dynamic image projector technology. The idea is to replicate playing with sand at the beach, so if you dig a hole inside the sand it will be filled with water. There are quite a bit of animated displays that occur while playing to keep the kids interested. Very unique technology, and great for younger arcade visitors. The game is similar to 2009’s Brick People, in which you stack real blocks and little men on a screen climb your creations to reach items.

Above you can see the trailer, what do you guys think? Would this get your attention and money?



2 responses to “SEGA makes sandcastle arcade game using real sand

  1. HangingWaters says:

    SEGA, taking sandbox games to a whole new level…

  2. Joel P. says:

    This looks like a great way to spread disease…

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