SEGA launching Nail Sticker Print arcade machine in Japan


Being a woman in Japan isn’t easy, especially when you have a full schedule. If there was only some sort of arcade machine that could print trendy and cute designs on our nails so we could be the talk of the office. Thankfully for you, SEGA has made ‘Nail Sticker Print‘, their latest arcade aimed at women (like you and me). This isn’t the first or last time SEGA has launched products like these and obviously aimed at a different market than something like Virtua Fighter 6 would be aimed at.

The machine seems to have an app that allows you to use pictures stored on your smartphone to make whatever print you would want on your nails. See a super scary spider? No fears, take a picture and print it on your nails. Now even your nails are scary. Boo!


3 responses to “SEGA launching Nail Sticker Print arcade machine in Japan

  1. Trippled says:

    Cool of you of posting this. I’d be glad if you continue to post on the front page, if I find something interresting and post it on the forums.

  2. mariano says:

    Wait wait wait…you are a WOMAN george!?

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