This is Saturn puts out some fires in Burning Rangers for the SEGA Saturn

After a month or two away, This is Saturn strikes back with Burning Rangers, another cult hit from Sonic Team!

Burning Rangers remained considerably obscure upon release, being one of the final games released for the Saturn in the UK – this also makes UK copies quite rare. Is it really a hidden gem, or does it deserve to stay buried in the blaze?

This is Saturn is a video series created by British teenager Liam ‘TrackerTD’ Ashcroft, aiming to give an alternative and in-depth look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of SEGA Saturn gaming, all whilst maintaining a somewhat strong accent.

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2 responses to “This is Saturn puts out some fires in Burning Rangers for the SEGA Saturn

  1. RegalSin__ says:

    Well BR. I own that game. It is probably my near the top favorite game for the Saturn.

    Speaking of which. This game and “Panzer Dragon” were suppose to be PSO for the Saturn. In fact so that somewhere in the actual code of BR is an Online-mode.

    Just think about PSO for a minute the way everything is designed. It is pretty much BR. In fact BR final boss ( which is “Dark Falze” is utilizing his captive and her physic abilities.

    The only depressing part of the game ( which their is none ) is how you have a limited amount of people to save ( which is many ) and you have a time limit as well ( which unlocks extra playable characters.

    Otherwise probably the greatest game since “Power Rangers” that never was. Seriously this is my favorite game until I get tired of the explosions and being lit a fire. Speaking of which; another feature of PSO and STHHog.

    Wasn’t this game released again as a sequel for the “Virtual console” on the Wii??? I am pretty sure this game had a brand new game with brand new artwork and everything??? And the artwork was bleh…………???

  2. Liam Ashcroft says:

    @RegalSin_ I don’t recall the game being re-released or ever receiving a sequel, sadly – it really does deserve one!

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