Platinum Games discusses how Bayonetta 2 came to be

Bayonetta 2’s announcement was a surprise; not just because word on the long-rumored sequel had been scarce for years, but because it was revealed to be a Nintendo-published title exclusive to the Wii U.

Platinum Games discusses the process of getting Bayonetta 2 made, along with porting the original, in this video posted to IGN. Check it out!

Bayonetta 2 releases in North America and Europe on October 24th.


2 responses to “Platinum Games discusses how Bayonetta 2 came to be

  1. Trippled says:

    the producer is a cute one

  2. RegalSin__ says:

    Well…………………the key word is “produced” meaning “funding agents”. So Bay2 is more about where do we get the milk for this “Cow” and I mean it in an British sense.

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