Bayonetta 2 demo is up on the eShop right now

Nintendo Europe just suddenly released this new Bayonetta 2 trailer on their Youtube channel that ends with a neat bit of info: a demo will be put on the eShop at 2 PM UK time on October 9th. It also so happens to be just past that time, meaning that the demo should be up on the eShop right now. At least if you live in Europe, where the eShop has updated already.

The demo hasn’t been announced yet for the US, but chances are that it’ll be available there as well whenever the eShop updates in that region. The demo will take up 725MB of your Wii U’s space. As for the full game, it will be out in Europe and the US just a mere two weeks from now on October 24th.

Update: The demo has now been uploaded to the US eShop as well.


One response to “Bayonetta 2 demo is up on the eShop right now

  1. Ben Burnham says:

    Yeah God forbid our readers be kept updated on a game starring a Sega-owned character…..

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