“Hi☆sCool! Seha Girls” anime Episode 5 has arrived, Impressions


Guess what time it? That’s right, it’s Hi☆sCool! Seha Girls time, with a new episode now available on Crunchyroll!

This episode, as with episode 3, sees the girls outside of the game worlds and back in the academy itself. The episode kicks off with Saturn deciding she wants a pet, with Mega Drive chiming in to find her one. Unfortunately, Mega Drive’s selections are somewhat off the mark, as she tries to convince Saturn to get a Mammoth from Space Harrier, or the dog from Shadow Dancer. After Saturn suddenly changes her mind about the whole pet thing, the girls are then called for their next assignment, which is something a little different to the norm.

They’re tasked with creating a new Puyo Puyo title!

Asobin offers them 1 medal for each good game idea and states he will take a medal for each bad idea. And then, the suggestions – and SEGA fanservice – begin! Dreamcast immediately offers Puyo Puyo Fantasy Zone, a reskin of, well, Fantasy Zone. Despite being somewhat unoriginal, she manages to get a medal for it; and Mega Drive follows up with Fantasy Zone II: The Tears of Puyo Puyo. But it’s different! It has FM Sound, after all!


Saturn struggles to get medals, with her losing them for making a shoddy Virtua Fighter Puyo reskin, and because (in the second case at least), Asobin is a dick. I won’t spoil all the fanservice, but it’s all cool to see (like the Phantasy Star shout-out above!), and the ending is particularly funny considering Puyo Puyo’s gameplay.

All in all, this episode was pretty good! It was more enjoyable than the previous academy-centric episode, due to the increased focus on, y’know, SEGA games. It also provides quite a few laughs and also we get to see Saturn in swimwear again, and the fanservice is considerably high! I give this one a thumbs up, myself, and I’m looking forward to the next episode, in which Asobin looks to issue the girls with an exam; stay tuned folks!

Catch the episode on Crunchyroll here!


3 responses to ““Hi☆sCool! Seha Girls” anime Episode 5 has arrived, Impressions

  1. Gen says:

    Why not add the Youtube link with the Sega Hard Girls episodes as they come? You can get them subtitled in English w/ Japanese dubs, plus anybody in the world can access them whereas with Crunchroll – it’s only accessible to certain areas, The Youtube videos are usually recorded and uploaded the as soon as the productions are made available, on the same day.
    Just a suggestion.

  2. TrackerTD says:

    I would, but said links are technically illegal unfortunately, and as such I feel it’d be wrong to plaster them up here.

  3. Trippled says:

    The Border Break and ROOMMANIA fanservice really goes over western fans head I imagine

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