SEGA News Bits: Hokuto ga Gotoku Demo Hands-On Impressions

SEGA has released their demo for Yakuza Studio’s Hokuto ga Gotoku (Fist of the North Star). The demo had two different modes to try out, one that taught you the basics, while the other mode sends you on a quest to fix your newly acquired vehicle.  On this episode of the SEGA News Bits we discuss our impressions of the demo, how the driving works, how the combat is different from past Yakuza titles and what we noticed in our initial play through of the demo. Check out our video and have you tried out the demo? Let us know in the comments below.

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SEGA News Bits: Yakuza 6 & Kiwami E3 2017 Hands On Impressions

Welcome to a new episode of the SEGA News Bits, our YouTube show where we discuss all things SEGA News as they hit. This last week we have been posting our E3 2017 hands on impressions for both Sonic Forces and Sonic Mania, this time we are doing our Yakuza 6 & Kiwami E3 2017 hands on impressions! So give it a listen as SEGAbits staff writers Kori-Maru and Bartman3010 give you the low down on the upcoming remake, the new graphics engine in Yakuza 6, extras found in Yakuza Kiwami, and the overall perception of these games at the event.  So tune in and listen to our Yakuza 6 & Kiwami E3 2017 Hands On Impressions and if you guys have any questions regarding the upcoming Yakuza games, you can ask them in the comments. Now that you have seen our Yakuza 6 & Kiwami E3 2017 Hands On Impressions, what are your impressions of these games so far?

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SEGAbits at New York Comic Con 2016 impressions


New York Comic Con is an annual event at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York, hosting varies booths and panels for comics, movies, television shows, anime, and video games. SEGAbits writers Kori-Maru and FlareHabanero visited the New York Comic Con to hunt down SEGA-related products, cosplays, and artists, but at the same time looking at the event in general. SEGA nor Atlus themselves were present at the event, but that didn’t stop them from hunting down SEGA for all it’s worth. Notably, artists who worked on the Sonic Archie comic series were present at the event, along with miscellaneous merchandising like Figma and CharaGumin.

If you want to hear impressions from both FlareHabanero and Kori-Maru, please click below.

SEGA News Bits: Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Hands On Impressions

What’s that? After the big Sonic Mania and Project Sonic 2017 reveals you forgot that Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice was still coming out? I don’t blame you, but this is the first time we got to play the game, so enjoy our hands on Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice preview. Did we like it? Did we hate it? Listen in and find out. Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice comes out this September 17th exclusively to the Nintendo 3DS.

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SEGA News Bits: Ghost Blade impressions & Hucast Games controversy talk

Today on the SEGA News Bits we have not only one, but two videos for you to enjoy. Why two? Well, we ran too long and I decided it was best to cut the conversation into two separate videos. The above video is Barry’s initial impressions of Hucast Games’ Dreamcast Shoot ’em up Ghost Blade. The second video has us talking about the article that DCGX wrote about Hucast games (the publisher of Ghost Blade). Its a great article, check it out.

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SEGAbits at Weston Super Sonic 2015: The Write Up


It was that time again, this morning of January 17th 2015; to go on another 3 hour drive for a Sonic convention! Perfectly fine by me of course… but then, I wasn’t the one driving. This time, I was heading down to Weston Super Mare, a town right next to the British coast; and I was right next to the British coast, as today at the Grand Pier, Sonic fans arrived for one awesome convention; Weston Super Sonic ’15!

And don’t worry folks, my convention photography is still pants! 

As I arrived at the venue and greeted a few friends, I found myself already caught up in an event for the day; watching the first round of the quiz! For those unaware, JonoD of VGMAwesome and Jamie Eggeman of the Sonic Show (yes, Eggeman!) have had a long running rivalry in Sonic trivia quizzes; such led to the unfortunate destruction of a First4Figures Knuckles statue, somehow. Anywho, the questions got more challenging than I thought they would; particularly when “what corner of the box is the barcode for Sonic 1 in?” was asked. Fun times overall; that said, since I was a bit late the first round was soon over.

Once that was over, I bought my first piece of merchandise; an A4 print from Duncan Gutteridge, the incredible artist that produced artwork for some of the Sonic Adventure Gamebooks in the 90’s, as well as the Sonic 1993 calendar; the print I bought was from the book “Metal City Mayhem,” and is easily one of my favourite pieces of Sonic artwork; I’ll need a frame ASAP! I later returned to Gutteridge to buy an A3 print; both prints were signed, to boot!

“Hi☆sCool! Seha Girls” Episode 12 AND Episode 13 are here as the series concludes, Impressions


Hi☆sCool! Seha Girls episodes 12 and 13 are now up on Crunchyroll, as the series reaches it’s end!

The girls aren’t far off graduating, with Medal counts into the 80s… except for Saturn, who’s only got 78. Before the next lesson can begin however, Center-Sensei is hacked into once again; and this time, things get really messy, with him turning into Black Asobin, an evil sod who promptly takes all of the credit medals the girls have accumulated; Saturn keeps one for some reason, a rare moment of good luck for her. The only way they can reclaim their medals is to enter Black Asobin World, a theme park of doom and stuff… this is beginning to sound like the Dreamcast’s Illbleed. Thankfully, the biggest threats here are SEGA games, not demon Sonic the Hedgehogs.

“Hi☆sCool! Seha Girls” anime Episode 11 is out, Impressions


Hi☆sCool! Seha Girls episode 11 is now up on Crunchyroll, and it’s time for a crossover once again!

In this episode, the girls enter the world of the Shining series, something I will right off the bat say I have next to no clue about. In slightly more familiar territory, the girls are also told by Center-Sensei (who I’m going to stop referring to as Asobin as that’s just the disguise he seems to be using) that they’ll get 15 medals if they beat the boss of the area wearing a special Phantasy Star Online 2 costume. As such, the girls enter into Shining Force Cross Exlesia to go slay some stuff.

Let’s Get Scratchin’! “Hi☆sCool! Seha Girls” anime Episode 10 is here, Impressions


“JET SET RADIOOOOOO!” Hi☆sCool! Seha Girls episode 10 has gone up on Crunchyroll, so “let’s look at the funk-” I mean, episode!

Today’s episode sees the girls enter the world of Jet Set Radio (or Jet Grind Radio to those of you in the US)! Asobin gives them two tasks to complete; pull off a cool trick for 5 medals, and be the first to reach a specific goal and spray graffiti of what they want to be in the future, for 15 medals! Mega Drive is unsurprisingly none too happy about the idea of skating, and attempts to fake illness; it fails, and thus the girls enter Shibuya-Cho.

“Hi☆sCool! Seha Girls” anime Episode 9 is out, with Chain Chronicle


Hi☆sCool! Seha Girls episode 9 has gone up on Crunchyroll, which means it’s time for my to roll out some impressions!

This week’s episode sees the girls enter the world of Chain Chronicle. If you don’t know what Chain Chronicle is… well, join the club, as before this episode I honestly had no idea either; my SEGA knowledge only extends so far, sadly! For those unaware, it’s an RPG for smartphones and Playstation Vita in Japan, and apparently SEGA and mobile games publisher gumi inc. are teaming up to distribute it elsewhere, meaning soon it might actually land in Western territories. Anyways, initially the girls harbour some reluctance to enter the smartphone as opposed to the TV, and a not-so-subtle dig is taken at the smartphone-isation of gaming today, including what I can only guess is a joke about the fate of SEGA for good measure!

“Hi☆sCool! Seha Girls” anime Episode 8 is out, Impressions inside

seha8Hi☆sCool! Seha Girls episode 8 is on Crunchyroll right now, and that can only mean it’s impressions time!

In today’s episode, the Academy is anticipating the upcoming Cultural Festival, “Shock to the Brain! No spillage, but we’ll destroy the barriers of the spillage-obsessed Youth! Sehagaga Academy Fair!” The “spillage” in question, if you couldn’t guess from last week’s translation, is about… well, breasts, shall we say. The girls brainstorm ideas for a good exhibit, with Saturn suggesting a haunted house, then dancing (which Mega Drive quickly shoots down, referring to the Space Channel 5 mess) and then Dreamcast combines the two; terrify people with Mega Drive’s dancing! Unsurprisingly, along with the haunted house concept comes some choice footage of The House of the Dead 2!

“Hi☆sCool! Seha Girls” anime Episode 7 is here, Impressions; and hedgehogs!


Guess what time it is? That’s right: Hi☆sCool! Seha Girls episode 7 is on Crunchyroll, and it brings with it everybody’s favourite blue hedgehog!

The episode picks up where last week’s left off, with Sonic arriving in the nick of time to fend off Eggman. And that he does, as he proceeds to trash Eggman’s mechs, leading to Eggy legging it. The girls, still unable to get out of Border Break, manage to hitch a ride from Sonic, who’s initially none too impressed at the girls grabbing onto his spines.

“Hi☆sCool! Seha Girls” anime Episode 5 has arrived, Impressions


Guess what time it? That’s right, it’s Hi☆sCool! Seha Girls time, with a new episode now available on Crunchyroll!

This episode, as with episode 3, sees the girls outside of the game worlds and back in the academy itself. The episode kicks off with Saturn deciding she wants a pet, with Mega Drive chiming in to find her one. Unfortunately, Mega Drive’s selections are somewhat off the mark, as she tries to convince Saturn to get a Mammoth from Space Harrier, or the dog from Shadow Dancer. After Saturn suddenly changes her mind about the whole pet thing, the girls are then called for their next assignment, which is something a little different to the norm.

They’re tasked with creating a new Puyo Puyo title!

“Hi☆sCool! Seha Girls” anime Episode 4 is here, and so are our impressions


It’s that time again: Hi☆sCool! Seha Girls has a new episode out, and it’s available now on Crunchyroll!

We’re back into the world of games in this episode, as the girls enter Space Channel 5 on the Dreamcast, to save Professor Asobin’s friends who have been taken hostage by Morolians; with the help of Space Diva Ulala of course! The girls must also raise their ratings up to 100%; it won’t be easy however, as they face setbacks such as Mega Drive’s struggle to dance and the fact the World Cup qualifiers are being broadcast at the same time!

It then turns out that the first of Asobin’s friends is actually Jeffry from Virtua Fighter! His mere presence manages to up the ratings of the Seha Girls’ broadcast; but then Dreamcast uses her internet capabilities to find other ways of getting 100%. And the result leaves Saturn… parading around in swimwear. It was only a matter of time before we got some fanservice folks.

…and hey, it’s Saturn so I’m not exactly going to complain.

SEGAbits at Sonic the Comic-Con 2014: The Write Up


Today, that being Sunday 26th October 2014 where I am, York here in the UK saw a plethora of Sonic fans descend upon it for an event dedicated to a certain blue hedgehog: or more specifically, his comic book based endeavours.

I’m quite sure a lot of our readers are familiar with the work of Archie Comics, and their long-running series of Sonic comics; in fact, this was the first form of Sonic in print that I discovered, through the Sonic Mega Collection. However, those outside of the UK missed out on another important part of Sonic’s history: Egmont Fleetway’s Sonic the Comic.