Sonic gets his own Amiibo in February 2015

Sonic Amiibo

Sonic fans, get ready to smash and boom this winter as Nintendo has just announced Sonic as the first Amiibo based on a third party character. Nothing much is known yet, but he’ll most likely be compatible with Smash Bros and Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. Outside of what’s in the link, no other information is known at this time, but we’ll be sure to update with new information as it comes in. I will say, he needs a bit of a nose job before they release him.



2 responses to “Sonic gets his own Amiibo in February 2015

  1. InTheSky says:

    it’s unfortunate but most of these, in their shipped condition, just look like Happy Meal junk

  2. Blueblur86 says:

    I’m pretty sure we all know what to expect for Super Smash Bros. What about the other Sonic games though? Maybe we can get hidden features, such as extra costumes, levels, or characters? Also, I’m calling it out now: We’re getting Pac-Man and Mega Man Amiibos too.

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