Sales of Valkyria Chronicles PC Port has “Blown all predictions” say SEGA


For those worried that the sales for SEGA’s PC port of their classic Valkyria Chronicles may fall short of any sale targets can rest easy. SEGA have confirmed that not only did Valkyria Chronicles meet expectations, it ‘blown all predictions out of the water’ quite the accomplishment for a 6 year old port of a Playstation 3 exclusive. Speaking to MCV, SEGA Europe’s senior VP of commercial publishing John Clark had to say;

“During its first 24 hours on sale, blew all forecasts and predictions out of the water. The award-winning Strategy RPG, originally released in 2008 for PlayStation 3, forced its way to the top of the Steam download charts, beating a host of brand new games to reach number one,”

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the fans for their support in the phenomenal success of this launch. We’re also delighted at the response from the Steam community which indicates that newcomers to the series are finding it as enchanting and engaging as those who have played it before.

A fantastic achievement for all at SEGA, here’s hoping that this could only lead to more future PC ports from the blue skies company.


8 responses to “Sales of Valkyria Chronicles PC Port has “Blown all predictions” say SEGA

  1. Skateboard says:

    …and that we get to see more Valkyria games! (and less outsourced SEGA game disasters…) Fantastic news!

  2. segaismysavior says:

    Excellent to see SEGA recognize great sales, and that VC finally gets recognition from the company that sat on it until now.

  3. PDC84 says:

    Hopefully, SEGA can use the money from the sales to fund the English dub for VC3 and have it HD and release it in the US on both PSN and STEAM.

  4. daniel says:

    please release a sonic unleashed port for the pc that will be cool

  5. Setnaro X says:

    “We’re amazed how well it sold, but that still doesn’t mean we’re going to release the Valkyria Chronicles sequels in the US, and PSO2 for that matter. Thanks for being fans!”

  6. Hitrax says:

    What were the official sales numbers?

  7. How about making this a downloadable PSN title so if we upgrade to PS4 we can still play it. I don’t really do PC or Steam.

  8. Razzee says:

    Oh, fellas, what a great time it was!
    Nearly four years ago I bought the first Valkyria Chronicles for R$36. My region had the lowest price, and the game was DRM-free (no Denuvo), and considered a comercial success.
    Today, the fourth installment has its price revealed: R$249,99. Contains Denuvo. My region not only has one of the highest prices, as well as no subtitles in my language. The publisher basically wants me to pay for those who live in developed countries while giving me no benefits whatsoever.
    What happened to that SEGA from November 2014?

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