SEGA Humble Bundle Offers SEGA PC Games at Any Price


The Humble Bundle returns with a selection of Windows PC games offered by SEGA for one week only. The bundle locks away games based on valued tiers that will grant access if your donation total is higher than the tier. All of the games offered will generate Steam keys that can also be used as gifts. Hit the jump to see whats on offer.

Games on offer this week include the following:

For Any Price

Pay more than $5.99

Pay more than $14.99

Total War: SHOGUN 2

Donated proceeds can go to SEGA as well as five charities including Make A Wish, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, Willow, Special Effect and GamesAid. Support a worthy cause, and get some SEGA games out of it too!

Also you folks should give some attention to Binary Domain and Renegade Ops, Big Bo would be pleased with your donations.


One response to “SEGA Humble Bundle Offers SEGA PC Games at Any Price

  1. I’m sure Sonic would love the money from this bundle being used to save the orca whales that chase him so.

    But seriously, that and the other charities are excellent causes. Plus I’ve wanted some of these games for a while. I have Binary Domain on PS3, but I’d be interested in seeing if the PC port was as bad as most people said it was for curiosity’s sake.

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