Sonic Talk #29: That’s a bounce pad!


It’s time for another episode of that OTHER Sonic podcast on Segabits, Sonic Talk!  This week, Nuckles87, GX and Shigs discuss all things Sonic Boom. From the cartoon and comic to Shattered Crystal and go into great detail on Rise of lyric. You’ll hear our personal thoughts on the game and whether it’s a decent Sonic title or a glitchy, unfinished mess. Maybe both! Listen in and enjoy!


2 responses to “Sonic Talk #29: That’s a bounce pad!

  1. Phos says:

    The level of Sonic apologist in this episode is off the scale.

  2. GX says:

    I don’t apologize on behalf of Sega. I simply express where I did and did not have fun. I had fun with Boom overall, which isn’t to say that it is a good game or I recommend it.

    It is not a good game on many levels of design, but it is also not the nightmarish travesty it’s being made out to be. It’s a satisfactory game NOT for long time Sonic fans looking to maintain their annualized purchase, but rather for children who enjoy the cartoon series and want to experience it in game form, even though it’s never been marketed as such, and often to the exact opposite audience.

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