“Hi☆sCool! Seha Girls” anime Episode 8 is out, Impressions inside

seha8Hi☆sCool! Seha Girls episode 8 is on Crunchyroll right now, and that can only mean it’s impressions time!

In today’s episode, the Academy is anticipating the upcoming Cultural Festival, “Shock to the Brain! No spillage, but we’ll destroy the barriers of the spillage-obsessed Youth! Sehagaga Academy Fair!” The “spillage” in question, if you couldn’t guess from last week’s translation, is about… well, breasts, shall we say. The girls brainstorm ideas for a good exhibit, with Saturn suggesting a haunted house, then dancing (which Mega Drive quickly shoots down, referring to the Space Channel 5 mess) and then Dreamcast combines the two; terrify people with Mega Drive’s dancing! Unsurprisingly, along with the haunted house concept comes some choice footage of The House of the Dead 2!

The Girls then see Asobin, who shortens the Fair’s name to “The Sehagaga Academy Lovely Girl Contest,” and reveal their potential awards: if they win the contest, they get 10 credit medals. Then, Asobin basically says if they get their… ahem, chest out, then they’ll be awarded 100 medals and the ability to graduate immediately. Watch out Gillius, you’ve got competition in the pervert category!

Then, the Girls view the other participants; including the first appearances of the other SEGA Hard Girls in the show! There are indeed way more than the main three girls in the SEGA Hard Girls line, but this is their first appearance in Hi☆sCool; and oh boy, do they go full on with the console fanservice. There’s a ton of neat nods to the consoles in question here; my favourite is Game Gear, who only makes it to 3rd lesson and goes home to watch TV afterwards, an obvious reference to the Game Gear’s awful battery life and TV Tuner add-on, respectively. There’s also familiar faces like Amy Rose from Sonic the Hedgehog and even Honey from Fighting Vipers shows up; the latter of which makes me a very happy guy (where’s my Fighting Vipers episode, damn it?). In particular, the President’s Daughter from Dynamite Deka/Die Hard Arcade shows up too, and apparently she’s got quite the shady background…

I’ll stop with plot there, as there’s quite a few funny moments past this: one thing I will say is the use of SEGA Rally Championship music is very welcome later on!

Overall, I quite enjoyed this episode; it’s great to see the other Hard Girls (who look adorable in the chibi style of the show; especially Master System!) and the console fanservice is much appreciated. The ending’s also a great nod to a SEGA arcade classic, and I also felt the expressions in the episode were far more dynamic and entertaining than usual; especially in Saturn’s case! I will say that perhaps the pacing felt a bit off, due to the fact this is a single episode story, but it’s not a huge factor against the episode.

As for next week’s episode, it appears to be an RPG; but truthfully, RPGs are a genre I never go near, so I have no idea what the game is! Sorry about that folks; if anybody knows, I’d love to find out! It’s also emerged that there’s a Jet Set Radio(!) episode on the way, but as for when, I have no idea.

Catch the episode on Crunchyroll here!


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  1. Trippled says:

    The next game is Chain Chronicles.

    What Sega advertises as their legacy in Japan, goes so over Western heads I’d imagine.

    Look at SART and then look this, which has obsure retro games from the 80’s, and then recent japan-only mobile and arcade games

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