“Hi☆sCool! Seha Girls” Episode 12 AND Episode 13 are here as the series concludes, Impressions


Hi☆sCool! Seha Girls episodes 12 and 13 are now up on Crunchyroll, as the series reaches it’s end!

The girls aren’t far off graduating, with Medal counts into the 80s… except for Saturn, who’s only got 78. Before the next lesson can begin however, Center-Sensei is hacked into once again; and this time, things get really messy, with him turning into Black Asobin, an evil sod who promptly takes all of the credit medals the girls have accumulated; Saturn keeps one for some reason, a rare moment of good luck for her. The only way they can reclaim their medals is to enter Black Asobin World, a theme park of doom and stuff… this is beginning to sound like the Dreamcast’s Illbleed. Thankfully, the biggest threats here are SEGA games, not demon Sonic the Hedgehogs.

First of all, the girls enter the Virtua Fighter arena from the first episode, now pitting them against Neji from Roomania, a character seen previously in the series. The girls set out to fight, with the rest of their trials documented in the style of the Streets of Rage opening, complete with that kickin’ soundtrack. This wall of text details how several Assassin’s are lured to fight the Girls in Black Asobin World by the promise… of a famous voice actress’ autograph? Fair does. The Girls apparently battle through the hordes, suffering a few setbacks along the way; Dreamcast becomes homesick, Saturn’s, ahem, chest gets exposed, and Mega Drive… well, apparently nothing interesting happens with Mega Drive. Exciting stuff, here!

Eventually the Girls reach Black Asobin, who is inside another game; and lo and behold, it’s Space Harrier, one of my personal favourite games of all time. The machine requires Credit Medals, and since Saturn’s the only one that has any, it’s up to her, with some assistance from Dreamcast and Mega Drive manning the controls, to bring down Black Asobin, and win the medals they need. Whether they succeed, you’ll have to find out!

I won’t go into the final episode for spoiler reasons; but all I can say is, it’s a fitting end to what’s been a fantastic series. Will there be a Season 2? In my (NiGHTS into) dreams, maybe, but who knows? All I can say is, it’s been a blast watching this series, and I hope you all enjoyed it too!

Catch the episodes on Crunchyroll here!


6 responses to ““Hi☆sCool! Seha Girls” Episode 12 AND Episode 13 are here as the series concludes, Impressions

  1. Sestren NK says:

    I’m actually sad to see this is the end. A short series that was fun, silly, and filled with all kinds of Sega love. Still wish we could have seen the girls head into more games like those seen in the intro, or see them interact with the other Hard Girls, but I loved every moment of it. I can’t believe I almost skipped the credits of Episode 12, a nice change there.

    And speaking of credits, Center-sensei’s voice is finally revealed in Episode 13. I had it pegged to either one of two famous Sega creators, and though I kinda wish it was the other, I thought it was pretty cool. I imagine a certain group of Sega fans will love that.

  2. Trippled says:


    that actually got lost on me…who is it?

  3. TrackerTD says:

    Hot damn Sestren, keen eye! That’s an awesome factoid right there, ace job spotting it!

  4. Sestren NK says:

    Thanks! Just glad to contribute some Sega knowledge to fellow fans, ’tis the season! I was kind of hoping it was Yu Suzuki, I would’ve died. Awesome nonetheless. Thanks for the plug too, despite not being active on YT in months. Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays, all!

  5. landman says:

    Megadrive finally danced in the ending lol And I guess I’ll have to wait for episode 13, can’t seem to find it…

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