First chapter of the Persona Q manga up on Crunchyroll


So for those who don’t want to play an 80-hour RPG to see the story of Persona Q, or if you just like manga based on video games, there’s a pretty decent way to get through the story now. If you happen to have a Crunchyroll premium subscription, you can now read the first chapter of the official manga on there.

This manga follows the story from the perspective of the Persona 4 characters. There’s not much different from the game aside from the conversations obviously being a lot shorter and cut down. Following chapters will be released whenever they come out in Japan. Also, I wouldn’t recommend reading it if you haven’t played Persona 4 yet, as it takes place midway through that game’s events.


2 responses to “First chapter of the Persona Q manga up on Crunchyroll

  1. Trippled says:

    Man, Atlus is really doing well advertising their products internationally.

    Sega really needs to take a page…

    • TimmiT says:

      SEGA does actually let Crunchyroll put up subtitled episodes of their new anime as well. Like the SEGA Hard Girls anime was put up on there and Hero Bank anime episodes are still put up weekly.

      Atlus does generally do a better job releasing their niche Japanese games in the west though. They still seemingly make a profit by only releasing limited copies and low budget translation costs.

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