Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Coming to Europe This November

If you’re European and dreaded having to wait a very long time for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, then we’ve got some good news for you: you have to wait somewhat less than you used to. According to Eurogamer, SEGA is bringing the game to Europe this November in disc and digital formats. No specific release date was given, but at least we know that we just have to wait two months instead of nine.

Well, unless you’re going to import the game. If so, you can get it from the US starting September 30th or you can already import it from Japan. That or you’re one of those weird not-European people who lives there and doesn’t have to either import or wait that long for the game.


One response to “Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Coming to Europe This November

  1. InTheSky says:

    Yay! much better for EU players to be on par with the rest of the world, as close as possible

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