Yakuza Zero gets an hour demo walkthrough on PS4, running at 60fps

The new Yakuza Zero title is set to hit both Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 this upcoming March in Japan, that means its time to hype up the fans by releasing tons of press materiel. Not sold on the 60fps upgrade on the new Playstation 4? Don’t worry, someone has posted an hour long demo walkthrough in full quality for you to enjoy. This is the demo that is already on the PSN store, but if you don’t have a Playstation 4 yet, this is a nice video to watch.

As of today Yakuza Zero is a Japanese exclusive, but I guess if people buy Yakuza 5 that is coming out later this year, we might get a Yakuza Zero port (possibly a year+ late, like always). Tell us what you think! Young Kazuma or old Kazuma?


One response to “Yakuza Zero gets an hour demo walkthrough on PS4, running at 60fps

  1. Sestren NK says:

    Probably because I grew up with the arcades and worshiped Sega’s, I found myself baffled that almost none of the titles I witnessed on the XB1/PS4 ran at 60 fps, and I’d figured that should’ve been the aim all along. Sure, the graphics may have taken a hit, but watching this is a refreshing breath of fresh air for me.

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