Hit Reset: Why Sonic 3D Blast deserves another chance

Everyone tends to think that Sonic has been dead for an undisclosed amount of time, and generally seem to miss out on or dismiss a lot of interesting games along the way. One of the first games to start the march of “Sonic hasn’t been good since…” was Sonic 3D Blast. So, on this episode of Hit Reset, will take a look at why this game was not the beginning of all our problems, and why you may actually be missing out on something pretty cool.

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5 responses to “Hit Reset: Why Sonic 3D Blast deserves another chance

  1. Cupcake says:

    Cool look at the game. I remember playing this game before it was out thanks to Sega Channel (yes, my brother and I were the cool kids because of that thing. XD), and honestly I liked it then. I really never knew people didn’t like it until we got the Internet in the late 90’s.

  2. bertodecosta says:

    Believe it or not, Sonic 3D Blast was one of my favorite games. Genesis version though, just like you said it really push the genesis limitation. Never like the saturn version’s music since it’s not as memorable as genesis version.

  3. Scarred Sun says:

    Just a quick reference note here: at 3:10, Jun Senoue is credited with the Sonic 3D Mega Drive soundtrack. Not quiiiite true; it’s more accurate to say both Senoue and Tatsuyuki Maeda: http://info.sonicretro.org/Sonic_3D:_Flickies%27_Island#Mega_Drive_Version

  4. Joshua Carraway says:

    Actually, the Genesis/Mega Drive version of Sonic 3D Blast had the majority of its tracks composed by Jun Senoue and Tatsuyuki Maeda, with one track each being composed by Masaru Setsumaru and Seirou Okamoto.

  5. EzequielM says:

    I agree, Sonic 3D Blast was great by the time it was released. The Sega Genesis is one of the best consoles in history, despite the console’s limitations which included graphic and data-storing limitations. I really liked this game back in the day the first console I had was the Sega Genesis, and played with it the whole time.

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