A look at Yakuza Zero’s 80’s hits! Collection

The 80’s where a great time for Japan and it just happens that Yakuza Zero will celebrate this time in history and that means it has to have all the popular tunes released during that time period. It has to be, as they say, authentic. After the jump we have the cover for the Yakuza Zero album called ‘Yakuza Zero: 80’s Hits! Collection‘, which has twelve tracks various 80’s artist (two in-house exclusive tracks).

Now you are sitting there and wondering what popular music in Japan sounded like in the 80’s, well don’t worry we got you covered! Hit the jump and each track has a link to their respective music video. Turn up the volume and enjoy.


02. ANGEL / 氷室京介

03. Get Wild / TM NETWORK

04. Diamonds / プリンセス プリンセス

05. 2億4千万の瞳 -エキゾチック・ジャパン- / 郷ひろみ

06. フレンズ / REBECCA

07. 目を閉じておいでよ / BARBEE BOYS

08. Runner / 爆風スランプ

09. Return to Myself~しない、しない、ナツ。 / 浜田麻里

10. 恋人も濡れる街角 / 中村雅俊

11. ANGEL / 桐生一馬 (exclusive song, no video)

12. Runner / 真島吾朗 (exclusive song, no video)

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