Classic SEGA Ads: “Open New Sense” with Rez on the Playstation 2

It’s unfortunate that a game like United Game Artists’ Rez, the third and final title from the developer, ended up releasing at the time it did. One one hand it could be said that it was one of the Dreamcast’s final great games from an in-house developer, but on the other hand due to the time in which it was released over in Japan, US and European releases were at the time up in the air. While the United States missed out on Shenmue II, Headhunter, and Rez, those in Europe were lucky enough to end up with all three titles for their blue swirl emblazoned console. When it comes to digging up english language commercials for Rez, prepare to be disappointed. Due to SEGA’s shifting interests, english Dreamcast ads for the game are non-existent. In fact, when digging for UGA game ads, I didn’t even come across a Japanese Dreamcast ad for the game.

Thankfully, not all is lost! Rez saw worldwide release on Sony’s Playstation 2, and while english ads still seemingly never materialized, we did get a collection of corny Japanese ads for the game. The first, seen above, features a man on a toilet who gets into a wall pounding contest with a man who really has to go. They end up pounding the wall in rhythm, and in turn they “Open New Sense” before the man outside punches straight through the wall.

Nothing will one up the Rez toilet ad, but this one does come quite close. In this second ad for the game we see two shirtless young men playing a game of Rez when one begins to have a sensory overload – that, or his duelshock 2 is on the fritz. The man playing passes the controller to his friend who joins in on the screaming and shaking and then they stare into each others eyes and exchange sweet words. If anybody seeing this ad speaks Japanese, please tell me what they are saying, I’d love some context. Did Rez open their eyes to a love they always felt for one another? Are they asking each other why SEGA didn’t focus on the game more? Translate or speculate in the comments below!


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  1. tasteofink says:

    that was a awesome commercial

  2. OriginalName says:

    “shibirerunde,” “kimochi ii ne?”

    “Shibireru” means both to go numb or to feel excited or titillated. The “-nde” ending in this case indicates that he’s saying this as an explanation, almost as though saying “I’m acting like this because this is getting me all excited.”

    “Kimochi ii” means “it feels good”, and is used just like the English equivalent — applicable to any pleasurable sensation, but often construed in a sexual way. The “ne” ending is basically like “huh?”, “eh?”, “right?” or “don’cha think?”.

    So, with the finagling you always have to going from Japanese to English, the translation is essentially…

    “I’m so excited I’m going numb.”
    “Feels good, right?”

    • OriginalName says:

      Ah, realized an error, but I can’t edit it. It’s actually…

      “Shibireru ne?” “Kimochi ii ne?”

      So it’s similar to the translation above, just slightly different on the first person’s sentence. It’s more like…

      “Gets you pretty excited, right?”
      “Feels good, right?”

      “The -nde” I spoke about in the last comment is something else entirely, and also resembles two other things stuck together grammatically (that probably don’t go together the more I think about it). The guy speaks really quickly so I misunderstood. Sorry about that! Confident in this translation, though!

    • OriginalName says:

      Ugh, realized I left out the “numb” part of the final translation, which is important to the double-meaning and the focus on vibration. I’m going to go with “sensual” since it encompasses both and just has a really Rez-like feel to it.

      “Sensual, huh?”
      “Feels good, huh?”

      Sorry it took so many tries, but there it is!!

    • Centrale says:

      Thanks for the translation. And even though you corrected yourself, it was kind of interesting to read your thought process in translating.

  3. Elly says:

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  4. Elly says:

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