Swingin’ Report Show #80: Interview with Aaron Webber, Sonic the Hedgehog PR & Social Media Manager

He’s back! After leaving SEGA of America in 2014, Aaron Webber has returned as the PR & Social Media Manager for the Sonic the Hedgehog brand. Since returning, Aaron has been making waves on the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, catching both fan and media attention with his sly wit and deep knowledge of the franchise.

Aaron was kind enough to sit down with us for an hour in his first interview since returning to SEGA to talk about his new role, SEGA’s move to LA, his approach to interacting with fans, Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, his favorite Sonic games, and answers to some burning canon questions!

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5 responses to “Swingin’ Report Show #80: Interview with Aaron Webber, Sonic the Hedgehog PR & Social Media Manager

  1. Blues says:

    Great interview guys; awesome to hear from Aaron. It sounds like next year could be exciting.

  2. Zymosan says:

    “Speed is something that is not given; but rather earned through dedication. Speed is not found by simply pushing a boost button, but by building momentum. It is the reward for skill in the face of difficult challenges – this kind of speed is the most exhilarating, not only because it is fast, but because of the pure perfection such speed exemplifies. This is the truth of the original Sonic games – and this is the truth of Project Needlemouse.”

  3. Zymosan says:

    Webber do you think we are ever doing to see this mysterious Project Needlemouse game? No Sonic game released in 2010 matches that description so the only logical conclusion is that Project Needlemouse is a completely different game that we never got to see, err well there is another logical conclusion 😉

  4. Aaron Webber says:

    Blues – Thanks! Hoping next year will be pretty awesome as well. 🙂

    Zymo – I can only hope, my friend!

  5. blixt says:

    There’s been way too much unprofessionalism coming from the social media lately. I don’t know if he thinks the “college bro” thing is supposed to be funny, but it’s getting old. It was a great gimmick for a while, but it’s worn out. Not funny, and not making the series look good.

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