New SEGA 3D Classics announced; including Power Drift and Puyo Puyo 2


My life has been made. SEGA has officially announced new SEGA 3D Classics; 3D Power Drift, 3D Puyo Puyo Puyo 2, 3D Maze Walker, and 3D Fantasy Zone II!

The full version of the teaser art we posted yesterday has been released (isn’t Arle adorable?), showing that the new physical SEGA Reprint Archives 2 collection will feature Power Drift and Puyo Puyo Tsu, with the bonus games this time around being Maze Walker and Fantasy Zone II; the Master System versions! Whether these games are to be released internationally is unknown, but honestly by this point I think we’ll be seeing at least Puyo and Power Drift on the western eShop soon.

More information on the new physical collection was released yesterday, but it’s damn cool to see not one but four new games for the collection!

I’m pretty ecstatic right now, but let us know what you think in the comments!


18 responses to “New SEGA 3D Classics announced; including Power Drift and Puyo Puyo 2

  1. Dale says:

    Guess vol 3 gets golden axe and hang on then?????

  2. Dale says:

    And after burner too.

  3. Gagaman says:

    Now I’m just worried about Puyo 2 releasing here: especially after the re-skin of Puyo Quest. Need a western confirmation. Super happy about Power Drift though, I’ve been saying for ages that this game would be perfect for the 3DS and like Galaxy Force would actually really benefit from the added depth.

  4. CrispX says:

    More games emulated.

    • TrackerTD says:

      They’re technically emulated, but given every asset is individually re-laid to produce the 3D effect and such, and the slew of bonus content each game gets, that’s a non-issue.

  5. GuitarAnthony says:


  6. Andre says:


  7. bertodecosta says:

    Now this is indeed a quality realeased, just like they promised !!! (………….for Japan)

  8. Keeppassingcars says:

    Oh wow. POWER DRIFT!!! Can’t wait for this and I hope it comes to Europe along with Puyo.

    I really hope SEGA release Tubo OutRun, too.

  9. Taggsta says:

    Super excited to see power drift, I’ve tweeted to Okunari many times about Power Drift and Enduro Racer too

  10. fernandeath says:

    I don’t mind getting the retail version
    I actually prefer to pick the digital versions of the ones I care about

  11. Rez says:

    Wonder Boy in Monster World and Wonder Boy in Monster Land pleaseeeeee!!!

  12. JeanLucAwesome says:

    If only eshop prices weren’t ridiculous. Hopefully there will be a sale soon. By soon I mean before black friday and christmas.

  13. Great to see Power Drift making it to the 3DS, Hope Sega does not forget Europe!

    Now all i need is Turbo Out Run (i don’t even mind if they change the car, like they did in Out Run due to Ferrari License), OutRunners (has mostly fantasy cars, so no problems here), Rad Mobile (stick to the arcade formula, not the Saturn version witch tried to get a story and rendered videos), and finaly also Enduro Racer was a great arcade title! I know they have more sprite scaling games, and other great arcade/Genesis/Megadrive hits, so they have enough to keep my 3DS from collecting dust 🙂

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