3D Power Drift standalone Nintendo eShop release to feature a SEGA all-stars bonus mode


Okay, this is amazing. Remember when SEGA released the SEGA 3D Classics Collection (Sega 3D Fukkoku Archives 2 in Japan) and it featured some new games including the arcade Power Drift? Well, SEGA is planning on releasing a standalone Nintendo eShop release and as an added incentive the game features a new special mode! As detailed on the official Japanese product page is a special mode that is earned upon completing the game once. One element of this mode replaces course music with medleys from other SEGA arcade classics. The course and medley breakdown is as follows:

  • Course A: Space Harrier medley
  • Course B: OutRun medley
  • Course C: Fantasy Zone medley
  • Course D: Thunder Blade medley
  • E courses: AfterBurner medley

The other element of this special mode is really cool. Each Power Drift driver is replaced by an all-star cast of characters from past SEGA 3D Classics, effectively making it a super scaler SEGA All-Stars Racing game! The roster is as follows: Harrier, Binsbein (3D Space Harrier), Nameless Beast Warrior (3D Altered Beast), Flagman (3D OutRun), Joe Musashi (3D The Revenge of Shinobi Ⅱ), Dralinflore (3D Fantasy Zone), Axel, Blaze, Adam (3D Bare Knuckle), Mr. Hang-On (3D Super Hang-On), Galaxy Lady (3D Galaxy Force), and Alex Kidd (who did not appear in a 3D Classics title yet, but has made cameos in many credit sequences in the series).

This mode is exclusive to the Japanese Nintendo eShop release of 3D Power Drift. More information on this awesome bonus as we hear it, and here’s hoping we get a localization with this new mode! After the break, check out a full gallery of the roster.


6 responses to “3D Power Drift standalone Nintendo eShop release to feature a SEGA all-stars bonus mode

  1. AMGermany says:

    I thougt Hang On rides a girl

  2. DCGX says:

    That’s pretty awesome!

  3. matt says:

    That is cool, but why didn’t the U.S. (or Europe?) get vol1 released on retail? Or revenge of shinobi on the e-shop. Strange omission.

    Will this new all-star mode be patched in later?

  4. I just preordered the european release of Sega 3D classics collection just for this game, but i have to get this version too! Here’s hoping that there will also be a GP mode in this game, just like there is on the Japanese import version on the Sega Saturn! I just love that version!

  5. Osotogariman says:

    Why is it taking so long to release the standalone version on Europe’s eshop?

    • Good question, i also wonder why it takes Sega so long to anounce if USA/Europe is also getting the 3D Classics collection with Turbo OutRun on it, would love to get that too!

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