3D Sonic the Hedgehog 2 releasing October 8th to the Nintendo eShop

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3D Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was supposed to release at the end of September for the Nintendo 3DS, but when last week came and went we here at SEGAbits grew curious as to what happened to the game’s expected release date.

An hour after we tweeted the question of when the game will be releasing out to the official Sonic the Hedgehog account, SEGA made a tweet announcing that the game would release on October 8th. Coincidence? Probably, but we’d like to think we lit a fire under SEGA for the answer. So expect the last of SEGA 3D Classics wave 2 to release in just 10 days, and in the meantime why not grab the first Sonic game from wave 1 to brush up on your classic Sonic skills?


7 responses to “3D Sonic the Hedgehog 2 releasing October 8th to the Nintendo eShop

  1. dikkster says:

    Another rerelease. Yeey

    • Barry the Nomad says:

      I’m not really understanding the negativity towards the 3D Classics line. It has long been established that these games would be coming out in a steady stream to the 3DS, and that they feature several options not available in the original releases – some games have never even released West or to home consoles until now. These are all home console and arcade games releasing to the handheld platform in an official capacity, meaning fans do not need to resort to MAME or other emulators. Would people prefer nothing from SEGA? Or worse, the cheap emulated games we saw years ago on iOS?

    • DCGX says:

      I don’t we can take him too seriously. Just look at his name.

  2. dikkster says:

    Take me seriously. I fo agree that these games are ok. And im sure many will enjoy it so it has a reason to be there. But my personal opinion it has become overdhelming and exagerating
    Sonic gems. Megadrive compilation. There is one on gamecube i remember. Then the pc. Then u have emulators. Then u have ios and android. It keeps on coming back. I liked the cave. I appreciate that game. And i liked castle of illusion why is it all of a sudden not a sega game anymore? Ontopic. Its just to much. And it makes me so tired honestly. Wouldnt people rather see a new 2d sonic who is loyal to the sonic123knuckles. Sonic4 was clearly a failing attempt. I did really rnjoy them. But they were sixes. And the old ones are tens. But if u keep rereleasing them you will get a certain reputation and you basically add more fuel to the fire of the oh sega back in the days topics

  3. Tarnish says:

    I think it’s safe to say the situation is this:
    These rereleases are for the younger generation(s) who were not around when the originals came out for the Mega Drive/Genesis and thus are unlikely they played these games or even know of them.

    However, for those who were kids when the originals came out and played them then, and are now seeing them come out again and again and again, they really hold no thrill or excitement because we’ve “been there, done that (or rather played that)”. At least for me, my reaction is: am I really supposed to get excited about a game I played a dozen times already, just because it’s on a platform it hasn’t been on yet? Sure, it might have some changes/new features, but about 90% of it is the same game we played 20 years ago.

    In short: good for new generation of players, boring/uninteresting for old players.

  4. bertodecosta says:

    It has 3D view of my beloved classic.
    That reason alone is more than enough for me to buy this game,
    eventhough I’m an old player.
    I know some people didn’t enjoy the 3D view of 3DS, but not I.
    I love the 3D feature.

  5. dikkster says:

    Like i said its ok. And you berto i feel happy for you. But its no difference when you look at it the sober way. The extra’s are flinterthin. Its 3d yes. But that could v been done by any homebrewer by using the 2 camera method(which has been clearly used in these rereleases) to debate that it is for the new gen. I do believe it is to a certain extent. But sega has an atari reputation nowadays. Sega is a has been. The whole combo combining the overly rereleasing these games is: and im sorry to say in my personal opinion itd a cashcow method. Make it 3d put something minor addon into the game and hopla! Sega needs new games and market them and instantly localise them and otherwise they dont mean anything. But i wont diss this entirely cause there may be some that enjoy this. Their epic games to that i agree.

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