Yakuza 6 trailer reveals brand new graphics engine

The new Yakuza 6 trailer has just been released, showing off the new graphics for the team’s first ever Playstation 4 exclusive game. What do I think? Holy smokes, is this game looking amazing! While I can find a few things to complain about, like the animation still looking a bit stiff, there is no denying how much of a improvement this is compared to all the other games.

Enough about what I think, what do you think about the new trailer?


6 responses to “Yakuza 6 trailer reveals brand new graphics engine

  1. Monty says:

    Where is Kazuma’s nicely tailored suit from the last 5 titles?

  2. Hitrax says:

    Looks amazing, especially the street lighting – never looked so good yet, likely look even better when it arrives. I think it’s safe to say that this will be the first real next gen title in the series, as the last two were still based on last gen engines that were scaled.

  3. segaismysavior says:

    All I can say is: “Party Space Killer Beach” (1:20)

  4. Harvey says:

    Trust me. It’ll look promising but its gonna fail. This is SEGA we’re talking about. Even if the game is good, its not gonna sell well because its SEGA people. They lost it.

    • Damon says:

      You’re jesting?

      The Yakuza series typically does very well for Sega overall, which is why they’ve invested so much into it and almost made it a yearly based series. It’s just its western territories it does a bit less in but overall it’s still very successful. Marketing in Sega’s ability to communicate has always been their major weakness right enough, and has long been an issue with their work but even in the west the constant demands got them to finally bring what their followers wanted, like a new Shenmue III license re-issue as well as a localized Yakuza 5.

  5. am2model3 says:

    looks totally awesome with PS4 power!

    i am going to be particular here. When ryu ga gotoku went from the already amazing PS2 engine to the PS3, i was expecting a huge jump. While yes, it was, the fighting scenes and cinema cut scenes look amazing, the other part of the game looked a tad low-res, low texture. things seemed to improve somewhat, now with the PS3/PS4 releases, but hopefully this new all PS4 game will be all detail all the time.

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