SEGA Game Tester documentary from 1996 emerges online

This video was uploaded online a few days ago, titled ‘This is SEGA TEST’ a titled “trainumentary” created by the SEGA test department in 1995-1996. The video was shot on location at Sega of America in Redwood City, CA. The SEGA Game Tester documentary talks about what SEGA is looking for in a game tester, but gives you a interesting inside look at the company during that era and the people that worked as testers.

Tom Kalinske, President of SEGA of America at the time is in the video talking about the processes of selecting a SEGA game tester. We had a chance to interview him in our podcast, if you haven’t listened. Its a great little documentary, especially for retro SEGA game fans. Watch it and let us know what you guys think in the comments below and tell us how many of you wanted to be a SEGA game tester during the mid-90s.


3 responses to “SEGA Game Tester documentary from 1996 emerges online

  1. ChocoLand says:

    Great find. Where are these game testers today??

  2. Sestren RK'd says:

    Part of me felt like a kid all over again watching this, another part of me felt sad knowing how different things are now. Just that Toys R Us footage got me really nostalgic. That was my dream job back as a kid – wanting to be involved in Sega game development.

  3. Brett says:

    Guy mentions finding bugs in the game, and then by chance the first game to be shown being tested after it is ‘Bug!’ on the Saturn. Coincidence??? On another note, I feel sorry for anyone that had to test out early 3d saturn titles. Could one ever recover from such an ordeal?

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