Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice gets first Japanese trailer

If you have been sitting around wanting to see more direct capture footage of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice (or as its called in Japan Sonic Toon), then Sega Japan’s got you covered. Above is their trailer for the game introducing each character that will be in the final product.

While the Sonic Boom brand name has been hit hard due to two stinkers, SEGA has delayed Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice almost a year to try and get it right. The game is also being developed by Sanzaru Games which have developed good games in the past, namely Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. What are your guys thoughts on Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice so far?


4 responses to “Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice gets first Japanese trailer

  1. Yamato says:

    Seems alright, like the DS games maybe?

  2. U-10 says:

    I wonder who’s voicing Dr. Eggman in this, since Chikao Otsuka’s gone (rest in piece) and all…

  3. This series sucks and the games are terrible!

  4. ChocoLand says:

    Do the levels look like they have little variety? It seems like the same 3 obstacles in every stage between just continuously running along a curved track

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