Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Japanese Pre-Order Items Are Very Tempting


It seems that SEGA of Japan will be having some really tempting Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary themed pre-order items for the upcoming Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice (called Sonic Toon in Japan) on the Nintendo 3DS. The Japanese site (You can buy the set on Play Asia outside of Japan) has two versions Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, one being just a pre-order for the game and a Sonic 25th Anniversary set  which comes with the following:

  • Flat acrylic cut outs of Sonic the Hedgehog doing random poses and even has one of him sleeping. There are 7 patterns in total and it comes with a stand to display the cut outs (one at a time of course). Perfect to put around your desk. Note: while it looks like classic Sonic, he still has green eyes.
  • Sonic 25th Anniversary Mug which is a blue wrap around design featuring a white outline of Sonic’s head. On the other side of the mug we have a small cute, chubby classic Sonic.
  • Sonic 25th Anniversary 3D Crystal which looks pretty awesome (video of how it looks below). It is a crystal cube with 3D stereoscopic laser engraving of classic Sonic doing his famous finger wage pose and the Sonic 25th Anniversary logo in the back. The crystal changes color depending on the angle as well! The item is 50 × 80 × 50mm in size.
  • Sonic 25th Anniversary Nintendo 3DS theme. This digital theme will cycle through eras of Sonic’s 25 years as you select things in the Nintendo 3DS main menu. So far this digital Nintendo 3DS theme has only been shown for the Japanese release. You can see that in motion after the jump.

So how much is this all going to cost you? The Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice 25th Anniversary pre-order set costs 9,504 yen not including shipping (about $95 USD) and comes with all the items pictured here along with a copy of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice. The set won’t ship until the games Japanese release date of October 27th, 2016. Of course since the Nintendo 3DS is region locked, that a Japanese copy of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice would be useless but look at the sweet 3D crystal! Want to see more of that Sonic 25th Anniversary 3D crystal in action? Hit that jump.

Tell me that wouldn’t look amazing sitting on your desk at work? Huh? If Wendy from accounting doesn’t ask you out after you get this, shes not worth it man.

Above is a brief look at the Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary Nintendo 3DS theme. No word on if that digital theme will be released outside of Japan but I wouldn’t doubt we will see it here in the West.


5 responses to “Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Japanese Pre-Order Items Are Very Tempting

  1. MowMow789 says:

    This game would sell A LOT better if these were the pre-order bonuses for us westerners.

  2. sybnios says:

    Are you sure the website ships worldwide? I couldn’t find anywhere the option for worldwide shipping when tried to checkout for the item.. 🙁

  3. Sybnios says:

    Although my reply is kinda late thank you for your response and link. I will keep an eye for play-asia onve they open the pre orders.

  4. Brandon says:

    Why can’t we get cool stuff like this in america? Yes i preordered the game but if they had this in America as the bonus i would’ve preordered immediately, i waited to preorder because i had to think if i really wanted a 30 minute dvd

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