Discotek Media announces Sonic X seasons 1 and 2 English dub release date


Earlier today, American based anime and asian films DVD and blu-ray company Discotek Media announced on Facebook details on their upcoming “Sonic X” DVD. First revealed back in April of 2015, Discotek Media plans to release the first two seasons of the “Sonic X” English dub to DVD in a 52 episode collection with a release date of September 27th, 2016. Season 3, containing the remaining 26 episodes, will be released in another collection at a later date. I really love the SEGA Mega Drive inspired cover art, which has been confirmed to carry over to the menus.

It should be noted that there are no plans at this time for the original Japanese version of the show. Discotek Media also has plans to release the complete English subbed “Sega Hard Girls” to DVD, and once we learn more about that release we will be sure to news it.


One response to “Discotek Media announces Sonic X seasons 1 and 2 English dub release date

  1. pfon71361 says:

    Hulu just changed their access to the Sonic X series from free to subscription so having these episodes on DVD is so welcome since I’m a avid fan of the show and re-watch each episode frequently. Can’t wait to buy these complete season DVD collections.

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