Disney Re-Releases Aladdin, The Lion King and The Jungle Book on GOG.com

Leave it to digital distribution to as a means to keep the older classics alive, although your mileage may vary if it may not quite be as you remember it. As is the case with today’s offering on GOG.com that sees the return of three Disney platformers from the 16-bit era.

As part of their joint effort with Disney to re-release games from past decades, GOG.com has re-released Aladdin, The Lion King and The Jungle Book on their digital service. Because GOG.com specializes in releasing PC titles in their original format without DRM, these titles are the DOS versions running in the DOSBOX emulator. Aladdin and Jungle Book are the significant highlights for SEGA fans as these ports are based on their respective Mega Drive and Genesis versions. The accuracy between versions may vary, but in the case of titles such as Aladdin, you still get to experience the highly animated characters and detailed backgrounds of the original game with the music recreated in MOD format.

As of this publication, they’re running an introductory sale where you can get each title for 10% off or all three together in a bundle. Lets hope we get to see more in the future along with Maui Mallard and maybe even Mickey Mania. Though for the true SEGA diehard, maybe we’ll see re-releases of titles such as Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Quackshot one day soon.

[Source: GOG.com]


4 responses to “Disney Re-Releases Aladdin, The Lion King and The Jungle Book on GOG.com

  1. Bartman says:

    Perhaps if SEGA were to put out an AtGames Genesis console with 30 whatever Genesis games and Disney classics on it. I would be torn on whether or not I should get it.

    • Couch says:

      AtGames consoles need some improvement first. I wonder why SEGA is even licensing Genesis brand to such a cheap company.

    • Kenjuma says:

      Yes this. If it was a real Sega console (of course the production will be outsourced, but Sega should license in on their own as their own product) with the same quality, I would buy it for sure.

  2. Kenjuma says:

    I don;t like these releases. Just seems a bit lazy to me. Same with the new 2D-sonic which is in retro-style.

    Just make these games in HD with the 16-bit gameplay. At least then it has added value. What they are doing now is basically selling me the same product my parents bought me so many years ago. Still fun, but I want some added value.

    I saw this Sonic 2 level in HD, which is exactly what I want from a re-releases or a new 2D-16-bit-style Sonic.

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