Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Postmortem Stream at 7PM Central Today

UPDATED: Watch the archive of the stream above. Bartman3010 joins with Donnie from Sonic Paradox News and TSSZ, Chris and Aaron from Find the Computer Room and our own NeoHazard to talk about the 25th anniversary party, Sonic Mania and project 2017. Listen to our woes of corralling a bunch of nerds from the internet together, Bartman complimenting a Dick (Tracey,) and other happenings around the event and San Diego Comic Con in this Bold and Tasty stream.
Tune in today at 7PM central for talk on the 25th anniversary party, Sonic Mania, Project Sonic 2017, Totinos and more with Sonic Retro, SEGAbits and guests!


3 responses to “Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Postmortem Stream at 7PM Central Today

  1. LordNero says:

    Why do these streams never seem to get archived? I missed a great deal of it due to work, and had to bail early thereafter to sleep. Would’ve been nice to catch all I missed today.

  2. Bartman says:

    Believe me, these are recorded on my YouTube account, but my analytics say that people don’t watch them for very long, so I try to cut the videos up so people can skip to the content they want, and sometimes its a case where livestream recording just went bad. It didn’t help that I got a copyright claim from Tommy Talarico which prevented me from being able to edit that video directly on YouTube. Don’t worry, it’ll come back one way or another!

    • LordNero says:

      Gah, copyright claims are the worst, strange to hear that prevented direct editing though, never worked that way on my channel, the few times I got claims anyway, lol. I can understand the bit-sized videos though, my analytic’s are the same, in that shorter videos get views while longer one’s don’t, but having the full stream available is always a plus, especially with people like me whose fine with long video’s, lol. I look forward to to seeing the video in full, and hope more content like this continues onward (still miss vidyaretro..)!

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