Alien Syndrome and Columns added to SEGA 3D Archives 3: Final Stage

Columns and Alien Syndrome

The final two bonus titles for SEGA 3D Archives 3: Final Stage have been revealed, which is the arcade game Alien Syndrome and Columns. Alien Syndrome being an arcade game released in 1987 with an overhead prospective similar to Gauntlet, where as Ricky or Mary you’re tasked with finding a certain amount of the hostages in a level while killing aliens with varies types of weapons. Once you get enough, you can reach the exit and fight the boss. Columns is a dropping block sort of puzzle game in the same vein as Tetris, the twist being you can only rotate vertically, with the task of simply trying to get a high enough score.

While these choices may sound random at first, they were mentioned before. This interview with M2 staff members talked about how Columns was once considered for SEGA 3D Archives 2 (Aka SEGA 3D Classics Collection) before settling on Puyo Puyo Tsu instead, and also mentions they wanted to do Alien Syndrome thinking stereoscopic 3D would be effective.

So what are your opinions with these final titles for the collection? Excited or disappointed?

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7 responses to “Alien Syndrome and Columns added to SEGA 3D Archives 3: Final Stage

  1. Dale says:

    This is great. Is there one more game coming tho? Just give us the 1-3 set

    • Berto says:

      No more game coming I believe, only these 4 games added : Turbo Outrun, Thunder Force II, Alien Syndrome, and Columns.
      And since these collection titled as Final, there will be no more M2’s 3D classics. M2’s next project may be for NX.

    • Berto says:

      * Thunder Force III

  2. Anonymous28 says:

    ugh… there are WAY better games they SHOULD of added to final Sega 3D Classics… like Phantasy Star 1… Shining and the Darkness… or even Thunder Force IV *sigh* *smh*

    • George says:

      Pretty sure they are trying to get as many different genres into the collection.

    • OriginalName says:

      He does bring up a good point about Phantasy Star, though. That would’ve been a perfect candidate for a 3D conversion, especially since there’s yet to be an RPG included on any of these collections. Still, I’m very pleased with what they’ve delivered. These are the highlight of the 3DS library for me.

  3. Ridik says:


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