Check out SSFC2016’s Virtua Fighter 3 tournament

A Virtua Fighter 3 tournament in 2016? Not surprising, this Virtua Fighter 3 tournament was held in Japan during SSFC2016 which is a multi-game tournament that likes to showcase unique fighting games including unreleased titles. They even held showcase tournaments for games like Project Justice, Kenju, and many more. Personally I love when people showcase older forgotten fighting games in these types of ways, very fun to see.

It makes sense that they would use Virtua Fighter 3, since it is that one last title that was still comparable to the first two games before the big leap in Virtua Fighter 4. What is your general opinion of this Virtua Fighter 3 tournament? Should they have showcased a more underrated SEGA fighting game?


3 responses to “Check out SSFC2016’s Virtua Fighter 3 tournament

  1. StellaBrew says:

    I would say 4 is more like 2 in terms of Gameplay – the main change in 4 was one of art direction along with keeping the rotational dodge mechanic from 3.
    3 is the stand-out title in the series in that it has undulating terrain in the Arenas, which so far is something they haven’t added back in since as it was considered “controversial”.

    Arguable it’s the most unique game in the series, in terms of gameplay.

  2. cube_b3 says:

    Undulating Terrain?

  3. cube_b3 says:

    Also wtf is up with the gameover screen.
    Can’t they just go in versus mode?

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