SEGA’s maimai Pink Plus arcade gets English location testing at Dave & Buster’s

CwdQwOzUcAAZ2akIt seems that SEGA’s maimai Pink Plus music rhythm arcade game has been localized and is now available to try out in Dave & Buster’s Irvine location. Maimai Pink Plus  previously had a English version released when the title hit the Taiwan and Hong Kong market, seems that now SEGA Amusement will be bringing it to American locations. According to the arcade technician, the cabinet is set up as a location test that will last 2-4 weeks. SEGA All Net isn’t supported for the location test, at least.

Check out photographs taken below, SEGA fans will notice that the game has a pretty nice selection of SEGA tunes including Sonic Adventure 2‘s Live and Learn, as well as Phantasy Star Portable 2‘s Living Universe. So check out the screens and see what tracks from your favorite SEGA games you find. The cabinet is said to support 40-50 songs! Also if the maimai Pink Plus arcade cabinet reminded you of a front loading washing machine in the photos, that’s intentional since SEGA teamed up with Sharp showing maimai themed washing machines. I think its a good move, since I haven’t seen too many arcades with this design.

Its pretty cool to see SEGA Amusements start beefing up their arcade lineup with maimai Pink Plus, Daytona 3 Championship USA, and Target Bravo: Operation Ghost. What is your thought at SEGA Amusement making the news lately with new localization and titles?

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4 responses to “SEGA’s maimai Pink Plus arcade gets English location testing at Dave & Buster’s

  1. Michael says:

    Anything relating to the UK about it

    • Michael says:

      Is there anything relating to it coming to the UK? (i was meant to say something like that)

    • Mengels7 says:

      Do you guys have a large arcade chain like Dave & Busters or Round One? It seems the only reason this stuff even gets localized is for the -potential- of D&B to carry it in the USA. That’s why they’ve got DDR A. My guess is this won’t even make it past location testing but I’d love to be proven wrong. I doubt you’ll ever see it in the UK.

  2. Alex says:

    any idea where else one can find maimai in california? SF preferably …

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