EGG Project announces new Madou Monogatari collection

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Madou Monogatari yu~ Kyoku Taizen-SUN SFC & DS  has been recently announced for windows, a collection of DiscStation titles and the Super Famicom game Madou Monogatari: Hanamaru Dai Youchienji, along with a soundtrack and the original manuals for the different games. This is the third collection of Madou Monogatari and DiscStation collections by EGG Project and D4, after Madou Monogatari yu~ Kyoku Taizen 123 & ARS and Madou Monogatari yu~ Kyoku Taizen-Tsu MD & DS (Previously reported here).

big kindergarden kids

Madou Monogatari: Hanamaru Dai Youchienji (also known as Madou Monogatari: Big Kindergarten Kids) was a Super Famicom game that originally promoted itself as a “Puyo Puyo RPG”. A loose retelling of the first Madou Monogatari game, Arle as a kindergarten student is tasked withcollecting 8 gems. It’s a beginner friendly RPG that like past Madou Monogatari titles relies on visuals to convey Arle’s stats and health, but also makes menus picture based too. It’s also notably pretty adorable, with a rather cute tone throughout the game. Similar to the Mega Drive remake of Madou Monogatari 1 it uses a side prospective for battles, but with standard RPG controls instead of a input/dodge system.


In addition, Madou Monogatari yu~ Kyoku Taizen-SUN SFC & DS with Lady Bono contains 17 DiscStation titles, including 4 from the MSX and 13 from the PC98. This includes the demo/preview versions of Madou Monogatari 1-2-3 for both MSX and PC-98 versions. The collection also contains a sci-fi game called Lady Bono!, a episodic visual novel adventure where you make decisions based on multiple choices.


  • 「かーばんくるぴ」Carbunkuruby
  • 「ワンダーランド OF CARBUNCLE」Wonderland of Carbuncle
  • 「ぷよぷよ恋物語」Puyo Puyo Love Story
  • 「魔導物語1-2-3(見るばーじょん)」Madou Monogatari 123 Watch Version


  • 「キキーモラのおそうじ大作戦」Kikimora’s Clean Up
  • 「バナナスカッシュ」Banana Squash
  • 「わんだふりゃ魔導らんど」Wonderful Magic Land
  • 「カーバンクルB.G.V」Carbuncle B.G.V
  • 「カレー食うカーバンクル」Curry-Eating Carbuncle
  • 「まいごのあるる」Lost Arle
  • 「時代劇大江戸あっぷるそーす」Jidaigeki Oedo Applesauce
  • 「あっぷるそーす あのコと夏祭り」Applesauce: Anokoto Natsu Matsuri
  • 「あっぷるそーす丁稚っち」Applesauce Detchitchi
  • 「うさ雀ファイト Aチーム」Usa-Jong Fight: A-Team
  • 「いもほり2」Imohori 2
  • 「カーバンクル絵描き歌」
  • 「魔導物語1-2-3デモ」Madou Monogatari 1-2-3 Demo and Carbuncle Drawing Song

The collection is slated for ‎¥8,700 ($77) and a tentative 2017 release.

[Source: Gamer (Japanese)]


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  1. fernandeath says:

    For a brief moment I thought it was related to Elemental Gimmick Gear 🙁

  2. matt says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of games… I used to want to play the MD dungeon crawler but don’t think there was a translation patch.

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