Hyperkin teasing RetroN 5 SEGA Master System & Game Gear converter


Via RetroCollect and posted on the Hyperkin Facebook page comes news that the company plans to release a 3-in-1 adaptor for the RetroN 5 which will allow gamers to enjoy SEGA Master System cartridges, cards and Game Gear cartridges. The reveal was made at CES in Las Vegas, and the adaptor is a standalone cartridge that will work on the RetroN 5 multi-system emulator which was released back in 2014. No additional information is known, but once we hear something we’ll be sure to post an update. No word if this will also work on a SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive.



2 responses to “Hyperkin teasing RetroN 5 SEGA Master System & Game Gear converter

  1. Kolma says:

    Probably won’t work on a legit Genesis/Mega Drive

    All the cartridge contacts on a Retron 5 connect which is why only one slot can be used at a time.
    My guess is that This basically just moves the contacts around to fit that of a Master System game/card or gamegear cartridge and the Retron will get an update to handle roms of the sort. (so no luck for accessories such as the Master System 3D glasses)

    Cool nonetheless and will probably get one just to play my Game Gear games on the big screen.

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