SEGA launches Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire in select countries

SEGA has soft launched its next Crazy Taxi mobile game, this time titled Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire, on Android phones. Right now its only available for people who live in the Philippines. This title is a free-to-play game and isn’t first one for the franchise, since they had Crazy Taxi City Rush back in 2014. This game has a different take on the franchise, by making you the boss of a ‘Crazy Taxi empire’, which means you’ll manage routes, upgrade cars and more.

Here are some features Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire offers:

  • Buy, grow and upgrade your fleet of crazy cabs
  • Hire and level up a cast of new and classic Crazy Taxi drivers
  • Each driver has a favorite type of cab. Match drivers to cabs for extra bonuses
  • Master multipliers to more quickly expand your routes across the cities
  • Prestige your business for even greater wealth
  • Fun and fast play sessions perfect for playing on the go or whenever you have time

I really have no idea when Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire is mean’t to launch globally or if it ever will. Above you can see about 12 minutes of the game in action, what are your thoughts on the art style and take on Crazy Taxi? Personally feel that driving the Taxi and the music in the game made Crazy Taxi what it was. This features neither, sadly.

“Let’s make some craaazy money! Be the boss of your very own Crazy Taxi empire. With just a cab, a cabbie and a dream build a fleet of cabs, amass untold wealth, and become the ultimate taxi tycoon!

In SEGA’s all-new Crazy Taxi idle clicker just tap to unleash the mayhem. The more your drivers deliver, the more cash you make! The crazier they drive the faster you earn. And the more you earn the happier you will be. So let the good times roll.”


4 responses to “SEGA launches Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire in select countries

  1. cube_b3 says:

    It feels flaccid.
    City Rush was a reimagining of Crazy taxi which replaced the Crazyness with funkyness from a rock n roll style game it became more hip hop. But it still vibrant and energetic. This one I couldn’t watch for more than a couple of minutes. It was dry and lifeless.

  2. Miguel says:

    Wow, I would like for it to improve not get stale. I hope maybe they’ll update down the road.

  3. Centrale says:

    Aside from the total change of perspective, it really doesn’t seem to be in the spirit of the proper Crazy Taxi games. Those games are about skillfully driving, so near-misses are ideal. In this game the car is simply slamming into other cars and knocking them across the (tiny) map. Hopefully some day there will be a continuation of the main series.

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