Bayonetta available now for PC with new features and bonuses

Fans can rejoice as the sexy gaming icon, Bayonetta, is now available on PC with newly added features such as 4K support and advanced graphical options.

Did we mention there’s no wait? Purchase the game today on Steam! Users who purchase the game before April 25 will get the Digital Deluxe Edition, priced at $19.99, which includes a five-song soundtrack, digital art book, and exclusive wallpapers and avatars at no additional cost. Learn more about the release at the official Bayonetta website, and check out the digital manual for the game.

Are you excited to replay Bayonetta on your PC? What other titles would you like SEGA to rerelease on PC? Feel free to tell us your thoughts by leaving a comment below.


3 responses to “Bayonetta available now for PC with new features and bonuses

  1. Polen says:

    May i dreaming? Yes. OMG! Sega finally wake up a little. I hope this gives them a chance to port Jet Set Radio Future in the Future. You will not regret the sales of this game.

  2. Versus says:

    How about a PS4 remaster? I’d buy that:-)

  3. McClane says:

    Awesome, 20€ and the best Bayonetta version is yours. Must have.
    Next should be Madworld, is a pain in the ass that it’s still a Wii exclusive

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