[Contest has ended] Contest: Bayonetta Steam Code Giveaway


We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed with SEGA to give away some Bayonetta Steam PC codes! Bayonetta is the hugely successful Platinum Games developed third-person action game starring the eponymous shapeshifting badass witch Bayonetta. Armed with her four guns – Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme – Bayonetta takes on the angelic hordes of Paradiso in order to discover the truth about her past. Bayonetta was our favorite game of the year when it released, and it continues to be one of the best games of the past decade. The new PC version promises to be the definitive version, with stunning graphics running at a solid 60 fps.

We have two contests running at once, and one copy will be given away in each, meaning that you can enter in both to double your chances of winning. Should a winner be selected more than once, we will select another winner in one of the contests so that nobody gets more than one copy of the game.

Here’s how to enter:

SEGAbits.com: In the comments section of this post, tell us why you love Bayonetta. Either as a character or as a franchise. When leaving your comment, please use a valid email address in the email field so we can contact you. Email addresses are not public.

Twitter.com/SEGAbits: Follow @SEGAbits and Retweet the contest tweet.

The contest is open to the Americas only and the contest ends May 11th at 9pm EST. Best of luck to all who enter!


86 responses to “[Contest has ended] Contest: Bayonetta Steam Code Giveaway

  1. Moregy says:

    I love Bayonetta because of Bayonetta 2. Loved that game. Such great combat and story.

  2. Aniv Akamur Moreno Zulueta says:

    I love Bayonetta because Style, loads of Style. And the glasses help xD

  3. Condemned15 says:

    I like Bayonetta because she is a great video game hero that doesn’t act like a stereotypical Japanese female character.

  4. Alan T says:

    I love watching anime, reading manga, playing video games, and following my favorite cosplayers. Bayonetta embodies all those things!

  5. Elliot says:

    She’s just a very likable character and the game is oozing originality and style.

  6. rd says:

    i love BAYONETTA because of boobs

  7. BlessRNG give game pls BlessRNG says:

    I like Bayonetta because free games yay

  8. Linksbel says:

    I like Bayonetta because she really embodies the values that all great Sega games have. Cool character with a cocky attitude, great design, perfect music and over the top action.

    If you played Bayonetta and didn’t think riding a missile as a plane or using a motorcycle to go to space wasn’t perfect then I don’t want to know what perfect is then.

    Honestly if Sonic wasn’t Sega’s mascot I could Bayonetta taking his place cause she’s so perfect as a Sega character.

  9. Tom says:

    I love Bayonetta because nothing beats a game where you’re embarrassed to play it

  10. soheil says:

    I love Bayonetta because it is best action game ever developed and as called by kamiya it is action climax.

    Beside I love the charterer design of Bayonetta too.She is very badass.

    I think Bayonetta is the respect and love Kamiya wanted to show for all great games Sega made and he loved so much.Like space harrier,after burner ….

    Bayonetta 3 developed by kamiya an published by Sega is a dream that needs to happen.

  11. Ronnie says:

    Bayonetta is a huge love letter to SEGA as well as cementing the fast paced, risk taking, action packed gameplay style all SEGA fans love.

  12. Elly says:

    Where in the angels are all these sega lovers coming from.
    Any how i pass this contest, because i am waiting for the sonic mania contest since i didn’t win the first one … (Yakuza) 🙂

  13. Elly says:

    May the sexy angel win 🙂

  14. ViktorVawnDoom says:

    It’s basically Devil May cry but with a sexy ass female lead character. Fast combat,beautiful graphics,fast gameplay, dark but sometimes funny story and music that will make you cum from your ears. (It has a freakin’ Space Harrier remix for Christ’s sake)

  15. I like bayonetta because its a fun game to play, can’t wait to try the PC version.

  16. Pedro Soares says:

    Any chick that uses lipstick as a bullet has my undivided attention…

  17. Kenneth Miller says:

    Few games manage such a rich and flourished art style without distracting from gameplay. Bayonetta manages to stay clean and shiny while maintaining tight controls an amazing story.

  18. Matt says:

    I loved Bayonetta because of the odd visuals and the action was spot on.

  19. Elixrs says:

    Well I Like Bayonetta because It was my first game on ps3 hehe and I want to try it on pc too because I feel In love for Bayonetta and Jeanne too (: and the story is pretty nice too ! Someday i wanna try it the Bayonetta 2 but right now I want to play it on pc and get all the achievement hehe Good luck for all Gamers and Have fun if you win 😉

  20. John Galvan says:

    I really enjoy Bayonetta because the combos are fun and the endless amount of sass.

  21. Elly says:

    Hehehe i buy that for a dollar 🙂

  22. BMS says:

    I love Bayonetta because she has wonderful legs! 🙂

  23. siegfried9999 says:

    I like her because Im a straight male…

  24. Liam Callaghan says:

    Why I love Bayonetta? Who doesn’t love a female lead who is both sexy and deadly as hell!

    Plus, I just like her gameplay, she’s incredibly fun to play!

  25. Michael says:

    I love Bayonetta because the main character is the perfect definition of a powerful woman in video game narratives. I think we need more characters like her!

  26. Garwynn says:

    I didn’t know anything about Bayo until tge second game and friends explained her character. Didn’t have a console to play it with so have been looking forward to its PC release. Hopefully they will get to release the second game either on PC or another console.

  27. Phillip Hobbs says:

    I love Bayonetta because she brings a whole new meaning to telling someone they are having a bad hair day!

  28. Alexander Valdez says:

    I enjoyed playing her in Smash. I’ve wanted to try to play one of her games, but I never got the chance.

  29. Gamer Lee says:

    Who doesnt like a sexy and badass witch.

  30. Sky says:

    I like Bayonetta because it’s full of action and visually appealing design.

  31. Leo says:

    Kill all demons in sexy poses 10/10

  32. Thomas says:

    Easily one of the most rich and unique stories out there,full of fascinating characters,deep plot,and amazing visuals.

  33. Adam Moore says:

    I love action games, but we all know DAT ASS is why we love the game! <3

  34. VRsastugai says:

    This is the successor to Devil May Cry. Especially after “DmC,” yuck!!! Need I say more?!

  35. Freya says:

    More butts collection!!
    I have always been wanting to play Bayonetta but sadly I don’t have any of the consoles. Now that it’s available on Steam, I am so looking forward to play it! 😀

  36. Sonikko says:

    I love Bayonetta because it’s a fast paced action game, with snappy controls and fun combat. It has one of the deepest yet fun and satisfying combat system.
    I love the character too, she’s sexy and strong. A great game overall.

  37. Robbie says:

    Stylish and fluid game play, all the things that made the original DMC games what they were were on display in Bayonetta.

  38. Wyatt says:

    Butts and guns! Stylish combat!

  39. Payton McDowell says:

    I like Bayonetta as a character because you don’t get a lot of female characters like her in any other entertainment medium. She’s pretty, confident, and extremely powerful. She’s one of a kind.

  40. Mo says:

    I couldn’t get the chance to play the games yet, but I still love her because she’s hot and T H I C C 👌👌👌👌👌

  41. René Cusumano says:

    Bayonetta sets the bar higher for game design across the board. So much is done right in this game that you can’t point at a particular element of the game to summarize – it is a complex experience that has to be had in full. Very few IPs achieve such elevated regard with only one game, and we got two entries in this franchise. Every second satisfies and at the same time, leaves you wanting more.

    Instant classic, eternal masterpiece. 10/10 would obtain a physical copy for collection if that was feasible in my country.

  42. Evil Sonic says:

    I love Bayonetta because the game is very amazing. From first glance (like the promotional art) it just looks like one of those typical fan service games but it’s not, Bayonetta (the character) actually subverts those expectations and is in control of herself and I find that really great. Not only that, but the game is super fun to play and I feel like it is the best way to do a beat-em up game especially one with speed in it. Also, the story in the first game is really inspirational and I just love it, I’d explain why but that’s a spoiler. lol
    The second game is just as great for me too and I hope there’s more Bayonetta games in the future, direct sequels or spin-offs (a game with Jeanne as a teacher sounds interesting and potentially funny). 😀

  43. Wartogh says:

    I love Bayo because of her cocky attitude and gazillions of SEGA references throughout the game 😀

  44. I love Bayonetta because it was my first modern character action game. I’d missed out on both GoW and DMC and instantly fell in love with Bayonetta, due to its awesome gameplay, engaging story and the various references to Sega and other companies scattered throughout the game. Bought the game on 360, got it on Wii U via the Bayo2 double-pack and totally wanna grab it on Steam, even if I don’t win this contest.

  45. I love Bayonetta because it’s a game anyone can get good at. You can really pull off some hellacious combos even if your fingers don’t agree with button combinations (like mine)!

  46. TuanPINGAS says:

    Why I love Bayonetta? I’ve been a fan of hack n slash for a long time, but so far I find most games are pretty much the same, with same mechanics and somehow same tone. However, Bayonetta is the first game to be completely different from the category. The main character is female, and Bayo is not the kind of “damsel in distress” like many fem characters in video games. The game also features faster actions than any hack n slash games else I’ve played. I bought the game first on Xbox 360 and I still love it today, and was extremely happy when the PC version was announced. Definitely will try out the PC port one day.

  47. Shaufan says:

    I like Bayonetta as a character because you don’t get a lot of female characters, You can really pull off some hellacious combos even if your fingers don’t agree with button combinations

  48. I loved Bayonetta cause it’s just plain full of laughs and style that I all personally approve of. I also love that you can practice your fighting moves during loading screens and I’m shocked that after all this time no other game has ever attempted that

  49. Eder says:

    I hope this is random because I cant put into words why I love this game so much

  50. Berto says:

    I was going to write something but then I read the contest is open to the Americas only.

  51. Shelana says:

    I love Bayonetta because of Bayonetta herself. I like her character and her accent is just something I could listen to all day.

  52. Dante says:

    I love Bayonetta because not only it’s an amazing game on its own right, it also feels like a love-letter to the classic Devil May Cry fans with all the references as well as with its tone and gameplay in general.

  53. Dariwan says:

    I love Bayonetta because it’s the opposite of Devil May Cry. I love killing angels instead of demons. also I love the whole witches wizards occult demons and angel mythos in general. It’s also a very good game and it’s over the top and flashy.

  54. Stephen Samuel Madison says:

    Why do I love Bayonetta? Such originality. It is oozing with artistic beauty. The games are true masterpieces with how they present story and gameplay. The character herself, is one of those few strong female characters that doesn’t come off as a women trying to be strong. She IS strong. And she knows it. She also embodies that SEGA character trait we all know and love. “Cocky and confidence in the face of danger.” Bayonetta and Sonic are visual representations of this character trait. Bayonetta is the probably one of the most attractive, visually engaging characters out there.

  55. Matt says:

    Bayonetta is honestly one of my favourite games. The story, combat , everything! I cried because it was sooo good, and I was sad when it ended. I was soooo excited when Bayonetta 2 came out, and bam another G R E A T game!!! And then the anime movie adaptation,, ahhh i loved it so much! One of my favourite tv show adoption of a game. I have my fingers crossed for a 3rd game, and I would love to win this!

  56. Matt says:

    One more thing I forgot to mention, when Bayonetta was announced for smash I SCREEEAAMMMED OF HAPPINESS! And

  57. Socar says:

    I love Bayonetta because of her interesting character.

  58. Eugene Voldo says:

    I like Bayonetta because I love bald men. And what other game except Bayonetta can offer so much baldness in a one go? Count it: Rodin, Enzo, Luka (yeah, he will be bald some day, i’m 200% sure!) and even father BALD-er! And on top of them all is the master of baldness himself, the Columb of stylish action and explosive combat sequencece – the great Hideki Kamiya. No question, Bayonetta is the best thing ever in the history of everything!

  59. I never play any Bayonetta games, but now I can’t wait to play the first game! I also enjoy the gameplay and she is so famous in Super Smash Bros 4 now I can’t wait to see her skills and special attacks!

  60. James Rivera says:

    Pretty much the same reason I liked Devil May Cry as much as I did. Any game that oozes that much style is worth it in my book. Not to mention being fast-paced and satisfying as all hell. It doesn’t hurt that I have a thing for girls with glasses either.

  61. Andrea says:

    It’s chaotic and frenetic, and keeps the player glued to the screen while smashing up waves of enemies.

  62. Terence Cox says:

    Alright, so the reason I love the “Bayonetta” games is because they contain many satisfying things like beautiful scenery, well made character designs, smooth animation and a well thought out combat system that just feels so polished and complete. Everytime I see someone play this game I just get goose bumps from how smooth and crisp it plays, and how much satisfying combos you can achieve. This game is satisfying in so many ways; that’s why I love it.

  63. Linobro says:

    I love Bayonetta for the sheer amount of SEGA references it has. Especially in the music department.

  64. Gergely says:

    I love Bayonnetta because of the violence it’s just so great I can’t even explain it how much I love Bayonetta both as character and franchise!

    • Yoshigamer478 says:

      I love beyonetta becuase she is super sexy and their isn’t a thing that she cant do with that amazing hair of hers girl power plus shes verry invisible. I love the franchise beyonetta because it has a amazing game play amazing grapics and is super sexy and is so mature and i love mature games anyways thats why i like beyonetta and the game franchise.

  65. Boyo Boy says:

    I like Bayonetta because she is a strong independent woman who don’t need no man and she makes this very apparent

  66. FixRig says:

    Never played Bayonetta before. Like the game because it would be cool to make YT videos, while learning what game is about.

  67. ikey1555 says:

    Because it’s why I play video games

  68. Gxgear says:

    It’s one of the few remaining action adventure titles that gets the action down perfectly.

  69. kabii-sama says:

    I love Bayonetta because she’s badass.

  70. JokerBlood says:

    I love Bayo because for me it’s the spiritual successor to devil may cry, which is my most beloved game series of all time!

  71. mesr says:

    I love it because the gameplay.

  72. IMPORTUNO says:

    I love bayonetta because of the action and the weapons. Love me some ice-skating katana combos.

  73. Donavan R says:

    I love bayonetta because that was one of the first games i ever had for the Xbox 360. My best friend and I played the hell out of that game :3

  74. DrearierSpider says:

    Thanks for the giveaway, good luck everyone!

  75. Andrew says:

    LOVE LOVE LOOOOVVE!!! One of Sega’s best games. Rooting for Sega!!

  76. Steve says:

    I’ve always been interested in playing Bayonetta. The only downside was I didn’t have an Xbox 360 or a PlayStation 3 at the time. My only other experience with the character was playing as her in smash Bros. When it was announced for PC, Bayonetta was all I could think of. The thought of playing has taken over my day. Please save me. I can’t stop wanting to play Bayonetta. I need Bayonetta.

  77. KaidanTONiO says:

    I love Bayonetta because no other game has a female protagonist of such a level of badassery that others would never deny out of sheer awe and now oh dear I’ve made a run-on sentence!

  78. Callie says:

    Bayonetta might be one of my favorite games of all time, if not the favorite, because it’s fun enough to enjoy regardless of skill level, but deep enough to incentivise to play through it again and again and again, improving each time you do it, all wrapped up in a package full of massive setpieces and an intriguing story (yes, I do think the story is good). I am seriously thinking about buying it a second time, since I already got it on xbox 360, since the PC version has a more stable framerate and support for higher resolutions

  79. JarlDraggmond says:

    Well Bayonetta the game is Platinum at it’s best, that’s all you need to say really, the gameplay is precise and fun as all hell, the action is spectacular and the music it’s catchy af, Bayonetta the character is just so badass and confident that you can’t help but love her really

  80. Kamui says:

    A must-have for any fan of hack n’ slash titles. I love Bayonetta.

  81. Kneewrote says:

    I love how PlatinumGames and SEGA took a risk with Bayonetta. Her “stripper-like” poses would cause some embarrassment to those who’ve watched or played her games, but it all goes away when the fun and crazy action begins.

  82. Yoshigamer478 says:

    I love beyonetta becuase she is super sexy and their isn’t a thing that she cant do with that amazing hair of hers girl power plus shes verry invisible. I love the franchise beyonetta because it has a amazing game play amazing grapics and is super sexy and is so mature and i love mature games anyways thats why i like beyonetta and the game franchise.

  83. Ikagura says:

    I love Bayonetta simply because it was made by Platinum games, the same that made the great Metal Gear Rising Revengeance (A game i loved and maybe my favourite Metal Gear Solid game in the entire franchise)

  84. Abby says:

    I love Bayonetta because I’m a raging lesbian and I want her to destroy me.

    Simple as that.

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