Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap getting physical PS4 release by Limited Run Games

WonderBoyLimitedRunGamesWonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, the remake to the 1989 SEGA Master System cult classic will be getting a physical release this summer by Limited Run Games. This physical version of Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4, will come in a standard and regular editions. Limited Run Games tweeted that the physical release will be coming sometime this summer and haven’t given us an update on when we can pre-order.

If you would like to get a physical version of Wonder boy: The Dragon’s Trap, make sure you are ready to pre-order the day it goes live because these releases sell out fast. I mean, look at a list of games they have published that are no longer available.  I’m glad that Dot Emu and LizardCube listened to fans who wanted a physical release and made it happen. For those who asked for a physical release, I hope you guys pick up a copy of Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap this summer. But I have a feeling this is going to sell out rather quickly. What are your thoughts on Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap getting a physical release on the PlayStation 4? Are you picking up a copy?

We will keep you updated on this and Night Trap’s Limited Run Games releases.


4 responses to “Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap getting physical PS4 release by Limited Run Games

  1. Miguel says:

    Don’t care about ps4 I would like for it to be on other systems, a physical copy no down loads.

  2. Ash says:

    PS4, PS4 ,PS4… All about PS4… And the others, they’re too bad for Sega game? This is become really anoying… After Night traps, this! What’s next? Sonic Mania collector only for PS4 owners? Holy cow.

    • DCGX says:

      Speaking in terms of LRG. they are always only PS4 (and Vita) because Sony allows really low production runs of their Blu-rays and Vita carts. Nintendo consistently declines to allow LRG to release physical media for their systems because they want only high production runs (that’s why Fatal Frame for WiiU was digital only here in NA), and Microsoft has a minimum production count of 20,000 (I can’t remember exactly). My guess is SEGA would want a higher production run too, because LRG has tried to start discussions with them.

  3. H Hog says:

    A Standard AND a Regular edition? How positively mediocre! 😛

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